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weight problems

Postby friend » Mon Apr 28, 2003 12:14 am

im feeling quite down at the moment because i have problems with my weight. basically when i was very young i was bullied about my weight this several years later caused me to eat hardly anything and i lost a tremendous amount of weight my family and friends were worried about me and my bones were pretruding. it even hurt my hip bones when i was sleeping. then i was bullimic, i kept this all a huge secret and didnt tell friends or family and only until reccently have i told a close friend the truth about my weight, i was also addicted to laxitives for a while. i love the feeling of being slim, its given me confidence in public & with boyfriends and i love being able to fit into skimpy little no.s, or wearing whatever i want. -problem is no ive tried to stop this and im putting on weight its really affecting my confidence with everything! not alot of weight but its creeping on and ive developed a taste for chocolate and everything fattening. i have to lose weight but not sure what to do now. please don't tell me to go on a diet ive probably done every diet under the sun at one time or another. and im never going to be happy at this weight. can you help me lose weight. im also worried my holiday in the summerwill be ruined by my depression of feeling fat if i don't do something. my friends don't understand. soory its long!!!! help!!!
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Postby Gem » Mon Apr 28, 2003 9:56 am

Well, atleast you have started eating again now, it sounds like you're just not eating the right kind of stuff. You need to find out your ideal weight for you height and age then work from that.

You'll probably find that taking vitamins will help you as your previous bouts of not eating will have taken their toll on your system. Just try to eat pleanty of fresh fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water each day.

Once you have reached a weight that you are happy with and that is healthy for you, start doing some gentle exercises to help tone up those parts of you that you are not happy with. I think it's brilliant that you have managed to get yourself out of an eating rut, you will start to feel more confident again when you become healthier, let me know how it goes,
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Postby danni » Mon Apr 28, 2003 5:41 pm

Hey there.
I know exactly wot u r going through, i went through sumthin very similar, if u do one thin u end up doing more and it gets worse, but if u talk to a close friend u will feel better and they will help u through this ur friends are the most important people in ur life right now and u can not push them away.
They will give the confidence to walk around wiv ur head held high and they will give u the confidence 2 wear wot ever u want. 8)

I agree wiv everythin that Gem says and i also saythe best ever way 2 loose weight properly is to do gentle exercise and eat wot ever u want at Meal times, it can be slighlty fatty if u want but only eat at meal times or if you want a little snack have a apple or sum other fruit. Its not a diet all u r doing is watching wot u eat and wen, ive lost 4lb in 3wks its not a lot but its a start. :D

The most important thing is not the wieght but the people who luv u 4 who u r and not wot u look like u sound like a fun luving girl don't trow that away because of wieght if u av gud friends dey proberly don't even look at u 4 looks just personallity. Never forget to keep smilling. :D

hope u look great and hope every thin works out 4 u in da end.

P.S hope ive helped!! :D
:( Danni :)
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