Office exercises??

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Office exercises??

Postby Cazza » Wed Apr 30, 2003 2:52 pm

OK this may sound stupid but here goes.. I used to work in a bakery 7months ago, then I got a job working as a Call Advisor for BT and I've been doing that for almost 7months now. The thing is the bakery needed a hand on Sat so I volunteered. I did 7 hours and it nearly killed me, rushing about and lifting heavy trays etc.. It made me realise how lazy my actual job is!

I don't think this is very healthy, sitting on my bum all day without any exericise. Is there any exercises I could do at work, even sitting in my chair? I'm on a slimfast diet at the minute anyway, and I do exercises every other night but I think sitting all day can't be good for me.
Love Carri-Ann x

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Postby Enigma » Wed Apr 30, 2003 6:21 pm

No, it doesn't sound stupid at all.

I work in a call centre also, and I understand what you mean.
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the desk buldge

Postby primalsurfer » Tue May 20, 2003 2:38 pm

This is a common thing in todays society a lot of jobs are desk bound promoting a sedantry life-style. Sounds like you are already pro-active about it which is a good start.

You are kind of limited for your options exercising at work though. For example the space factor, you don't want to be flailing your arms around and knock out one of your colleagues, and then there's the wally factor i.e. how silly are you prepared to look in front of your colleagues?

Here's my suggestion for an office work out.
1) Calf risers - I picked this up last time I was on an plane. alternate between resting your heels on the floor and slowly lifting your toes, then leave your toes on the ground and lift your heels
2)Bicept curls - rest both your forearms on the desk palms up, make a fist of each hand and raise to your shoulders.
3) Chair flys - post a beware of flailing arms sign, let your arms hang beside your chair and lift them outwards and up to be level with your shoulders, lift them above your head if you want a harder work out.
4) if there isn't enough room for you to get on the floor and do ab crunchies, jsut sit there and contract and hold you ab muscles again and again, it may take a little longer but you'll get the same effect in the end

Other exercise alternatives
- use the stairs instead of the lift both up and down it'll work different muscle groups each way
- press ups and ab curls are possible if there's enough floor room
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