Tension Headaches/ Very Tense Muscles

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Re: Tension Headaches/ Very Tense Muscles

Postby snail » Sat May 02, 2009 11:12 am

It's funny how similar your circumstances sound to mine, although I was a bit older when I had a breakdown. Like you, it literally happened 'overnight' when I was about 17, but I now realise that in fact the foundations had been laid down before, and I only seemed to be fine before that - I was cut off from my real feelings and wasn't dealing with things, and it eventually 'came out' in severe panic attacks and intense general anxiety (a fear that I was ill or dying, like you, was quite common). I couldn't find any help: my GP suggested anti-depressants, but I had a bad reaction to them. He said there was nothing else he could do as counsellors were 'not of any use'. So I muddled through - I wasn't able to go to college or work for quite a while, but I eventually improved enough to get a basic life back. However, I hadn't really dealt with the issues and still had problems, so I eventually went into counselling at the age of 34. I now realise that was what I needed, and I should have done that about 20 years ago.

I think you should think about asking for a different counsellor. You are very different now to how you were at 12, after all. There must be something behind this - I don't think anything is 'wrong' with you as such. I think, like me, you will improve as you get older even without any help, but that's not ideal - you want to get a better quality of life as soon as you can, after all.

No, you can't hemorrhage or have any real problem from tense muscles, you'll just make them very tired and sore. There's definitely not too much fluid in your head either - that's just the feeling from the tension headache.

I think Bel Bel's suggestion about meditation and relaxation exercises was a good idea - if you do these religiously twice a day, they do have an effect, even if it doesn't feel like it at first. The effect sort of adds up over time. Can your counsellor suggest any relaxation exercises or loan you any meditation tapes/MP3s? Or Google for ideas. I also think it would be a very good idea to get out of the house for a walk once a day. Exercise, sunlight, and seeing the outside world will make you feel much better mentally and physically, and help you sleep. Can you get someone to go for a walk with you - perhaps suggest it to your mum to help her keep fit herself? Or just go as far as you can on your own. Even the garden is better than nothing. You could do some exercise in the back garden - like skipping, which is a brilliant exercise and only needs a rope - or start a small garden plot of your own and grow things. Anything to get your mind off your worries and get you out.
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Re: Tension Headaches/ Very Tense Muscles

Postby dipsydoodlenoodle » Tue May 05, 2009 9:46 am

_Chelsea_ wrote:Can I trust the doctors still?

No, afterall they went to medical school for 5 years and practiced for a few years before being fully qualified...OF COURSE YOU CAN TRUST THEM! Seriously 7 or 9 or whatever doctors can NOT be wrong.

As I said earlier my friend is a total hypochondriac and now when she goes to the doctors they don't have the time for her because she goes in about once a fortnight/once a month for silly things that can be solved at home or by asking the chemist.

snail wrote:or start a small garden plot of your own and grow things

That is a good idea, even if you only have a really small garden you can grow things in pots, I've started to grow my own stuff in the garden; we have fruit trees (but they were there already), last year I bought 6 strawberry plants (I bought things I like to eat) - currently I have around 25 of them - they reproduce really easily and they taste nice, I also bought a raspberry bush (in a pot - everyone said it wouldn't grow - it's thriving and doing way better than the ones in the garden centre). I've also just started growing radishes, beetroot and corriander and cress but that can be done indoors. I've just started growing small vegetables that are fairly easy to grow. You could also get some indoor plants to take care of as well - garden centres are the best place to look, also supermarkets often have a decent selection (they aren't as good quality). Spider plants and Dracona trees (small) are really easy to look after indoors; also spider plants will also produce lots of babies eventually. Plants are a great idea to take your mind of things. If you get a couple of plants and can successfully keep them alive then start planning little rock gardens or planning where you could put bulbs or something for next spring; it is creative and will require some thinking which will keep your mind occupied.
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Re: Tension Headaches/ Very Tense Muscles

Postby Bel Bel » Tue May 05, 2009 10:16 am

no you cannot hemorrage from tense muscles
yes i think you can trust your doctors (all of them agree so thats a good sign)
the heat in your neck is likely to be the tense muscles, i get that too but not always
if you have a headache thats probably why you feel bloated in the head. The tension will cause headaches, especially if it's in your neck
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