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IBS cure for me

Posted: Mon Nov 01, 2010 12:04 pm
by ibscured
joined this Forum in order to share my experiences with IBS.

I will start to give a short introduction about my self and then describe how I found my own cure for IBS.

I am an executive (educated as an engineer with a Master of Science from MIT) running my own company and I am thus naturally exposed to quite a bit of stress.

I started experiencing IBS symptoms (diarrhea/constipation with lots of flatulence) at around 28-32 years old but did not pay much attention to it as it did not affect me very much. I believe my work situation did not allow me to think about it much as I was running a public listed company at the time.

At around 35 my work situation changed and the stress level was reduced. Having more time to notice my body issues I started paying more attention to it and the IBS kept getting worse. At this time I was diagnosed by my local doctor as having IBS. The doctor told me I had to live with it. I did not accept this and I started doing my own research about IBS. I could not find anything helpful so I started to experiment with changing my diet.

I tried to cut out the normal culprits such as chocolate, alcohol, spicy food, milk, oily foods, sodas, coffee etc. This helped quite a bit but it did not cure me. As soon as I tried a bit of the food mentioned I got the IBS symptoms again. In addition to this I noticed that the periods I had no symptoms were not consistent. I would still get symptoms and it would take weeks before it would go away. This indicated to me that I was not cured yet. I also tried all organic foods, this did not help me either.

After about 8 years trying different dietary changes I think i ran into a solution that cured my IBS.

I am not sure if 1) below is required in addition to 2) below but I feel very confident that 2) below is the culprit of my IBS.

1) I started drinking about a liter of pressed vegetable juice (and avoiding the bad foods). the juice was mainly carrot juice and fuji apple juice freshly squeezed without the pulp (make sure you cut down the other calories you consume as these juices are quite calorific). I did this for about 4-6 months. I noticed a slight improvement (I don't think it matters what kind of vegetable juice you drink).

2) I completely avoided all artificial coloring.
This includes even the tiniest bits of artificial coloring. You will be surprised by where you will find artificial colorings.

After while I started noticing an improvement and after about one year I was completely cured.

I have unintentionally tested my hypothesis by eating artificial colorings (movie pop corn and vitamin C tablets for example) and the result is consistently the same. IBS every time.

I suspect what is happening is that, as you get older your body can't keep making the bowel environment suitable for some of the bowel bacteria anymore due to years of intake of artificial colorings. The bacteria flora in your bowels are depleted and you start experiencing IBS (perhaps some species of bacteria dies out). If the artificial colorings are the culprits, as in my case, you keep destroying the conditions required for some of the bowel bacteria. I cut out the artificial colorings and I worked on repopulating the bowel bacteria by improving the environment in my bowels by increasing my vegetable intake.

I can now eat any food I like with the exception of food that contains artificial colorings. Chocolate, alcohol, milk, coffee spicy food etc.

I would be interested to hear from others if they have similar experiences and if anyone is willing to try the same method. As with all medical cases the solution is often times very individualized and there are rarely one cure that fits all.

I have also done a little research regarding artificial colors and I have found a study that is called the "Southampton Study". The link is attached below. The study is not related to IBS but the study demonstrates that artificial colorings are not particularly good for you. The study is serious enough that the European Union has required soft drink makers to put warning labels on soft drinks from 2011 onwards to warn about the effects of artificial coloring. However, like anything, this could be wrong and not have any effect on you.

An additional benefit I noticed when increasing my vegetable intake, is that I stopped getting sleepy after lunch. I suspect this has more to do with the increase in vegetable intake than the cure of the IBS. I don't know this for sure but I suspect that it is the case. If I reduce my vegetable intake I loose some energy during the day and tend to become sleepy at lunch time.

I hope this will help someone and I hope to get some feedback. ... 7_99.shtml

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Posted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:16 pm
by snail
It's funny how IBS seems to be different for everyone. Artificial colours have no effect on mine; it's almost entirely stress-related. I suspect there are so many mental and physical factors interacting in this issue, everyone's experience will be unique.

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Posted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:33 am
by max
Hello everyone, I use to suffer from IBS since last 12 years. I finally found a way to control it.
I tried lot of remedies, which are mentioned in this forum and you can also find them in plenty over the net. But 2 things really worked for me.

1) Understanding that what happens in IBS. Your bowl or gut becomes irritable. So it’s not about stop eating or cutting down on food products rather than understanding that it’s like an itch and if you ignore it, it will go away. (it’s a step by step process)

2) Clearing my tracts completely in the morning.

That’s it, I wish you all the luck! (This is based on my own experience. I am not a person from a medical background). If you find this helpful or you have any further questions, you can private message me.

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Posted: Sun Feb 06, 2011 6:14 pm
by colonicus
I had my gall bladder removed many years ago, so this may have been a contributory factor to my getting IBS (which in my case is primarily recurrent acute constipation with occasional diarrhea) shortly thereafter. I found that stopping smoking, reducing my alcohol intake and cutting back on spicy foods and fried foods all helped reduce the severity of my IBS but didn't totally eliminate it.
With regard to other methods of controlling my IBS, I considered the use of colonic irrigation but was put off by the high cost and several people complaining that whilst it worked very well for a time it eventually led to the loss of bowel function. I found very little regarding the efficacy of using enemas to control IBS. Since I had received enemas from my mother from time to time as a child, with no ill effects and since I dislike the idea of using laxatives, two years ago I started having a regular warm water enema. I have been very pleasantly surprised to have been completely free of IBS ever since. Whether this was a result of the enemas or was purely coincidental I don't know. Has anybody else had a similar experience?

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Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2011 11:52 pm
by Contax
Hi All, I have just found this forum, I am 63 and have suffered sever IBS for 40 years, I can't add a lot to what you have all said but have found Colpermin capsules the best help in easing the bloating, I have taken Merbeverine (Colorfac) for years but does nothing for me yet I have read it works wonders for others, I know mine is caused mainly by stress and nerves more than diet, in fact I think I may be eating to much fibre, just been started on Prozac but like all SSRI's they upset my guts but can't get doctors to listen. I came accross this link last night but takes a lot of reading also contradicts most of what I have learned and been told. ... 03_283.pdf

My problem at moment is anal leakage at night and wondered if any one has had anything to do with Coloplast Anal Plug, it looks like a kind of tampon to me but could to better than the rubber pants at night when diarrhoea starts, after the constipation turns to diarrhoea about 3 days into an attack I take 2 Dihydracodeine which calms my mind and eases the diarrhoea then I take another 2 after about 20 hours. One an attack starts it takes 2 weeks to get back on my feet.

Help with IBS

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 10:51 am
by ellabella

I'm really interested in knowing what help there is out there apart from medication to help me overcome IBS. Does anyone know of a health centre that specialises in it or if there is a particular treatment that is good?

I'd really like to have a few days under the supervision of someone where they could look at all aspects of my IBS and find a solution for me. I know its individual but its so hard for me to work it out by myself and I need to make a big difference in a short period of time as I'm due to go travelling soon.

Any help much appreciated!

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Posted: Tue May 10, 2011 12:06 am
by dryoyo
Where to begin?

I have been diagnosed with IBS and have tried Omeprazole and prior to that Colpermin, neither of which was particularly effective. I am now on Mebeverine three times a day and I supplement this with two Buscopan, three times a day. I avoid dairy, wheat, gluten, soya and mint because I'm supposedly intolerant of them.

My symptoms are better... but some days not so good. :-({|=

I can get stomach cramps that are literally crippling; I've dislocated a shoulder, a knee, broken ribs, crushed ankles in a car accident and much more and nothing compares to the pain of these cramps. Nothing. Most of the time they are "mild" when they happen (thanks to not eating certain things, I think).

Most of the time the problem is wind. I have a lot of trapped wind, enough to effect my breathing. It builds up in my chest, right under my ribs and the only way I've found of getting relief is to burp. I call it burping because that's what it is, but it's more like puking air. I can burp for a full 15 to 20 seconds (and that's a long time I assure you) and I'll do that once or twice in a row. I'll be OK for at best a couple of minutes and then I have to do it all over again. Which means constant trips to the toilet when I'm at work because, let's face it, it's not cool.

I'm either constipated or I have diarrhoea; I alternate between the two. Either way I have to get up an hour early to spend the time sitting on the toilet, then dash out from work to get home and spend some more time "reading".

Is there any advice for me? What can I try? I need something to stop this bloating and wind. 8-[

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Posted: Tue May 10, 2011 7:35 am
by snail
Where is this wind coming from, Dryoyo? If it's in your stomach you must be swallowing air with your food. It will then get passed all the way through (what isn't burped up, anyway). Have you asked anyone about this?

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Posted: Tue May 10, 2011 7:55 pm
by dryoyo
snail wrote:If it's in your stomach you must be swallowing air with your food.
I'd agree with that, if I didn't wake up feeling like this; it's not just after eat. I get it if I eat the wrong foods or even if I skip a meal (for a few hours). It's like my stomach is just making loads of gas. Had it today, real bad. It hurt.

No, I haven't asked anyone about it. Except you guys!

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Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2011 10:33 pm
by thumbelinapepperpot
Hi, I've suffered from IBS for the past 2 years. It started after catching salmonella and hasn't ever left. I've tried natural remedies, several different anti-spasmodics and amitriptiline but to no avail. When I asked the gastro doctor what I could do to help it go away his response was "forget about it", those that suffer obviously know that this is impossible. I just wanted to chat to people who are in the same boat and understand the humility and frustration that accompanies IBS.

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Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:35 pm
by Bel Bel
you may have a intestine infection whcih could have bought about the iBS in the first place
go back and tell your doctor about the chronic wind and ask for a gastroscopy to check all is well down there
When you see the consultant tell them about the wind and ask if it's possible you have some kind of intestine problem (don't suggest you have, doctors hate it when you tell them what you think so make sure you ask, let him look the clever one) usually they will give you a strong antibiotic which works on any intestine infection and the wind sorts itself out
You never really get to the bottom of why it occured but it often cures it so worth a shot

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Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:28 pm
by Jojophiney
Thank you for this forum & a big thank you to every one who has contributed. I'm a forum virgin and this is my first!

I have suffered from IBS, to some degree or another, for most of my life, and today I am at the end of my tether.

I am 38 and 6 years ago I had a hysterectomy because it was thought that my symptoms related to a gynological problem. I still have the symptoms. Since then I have also been diagnosed with Coeliacs disease which is controlled with a very strict, totally Gluten free diet. I still have the origional symptoms. I have almost been reduced to an eating disorder as I hate food and dread are what you eat, and we are...our choices in our diets are part of our personality. You wouldn't think it becauses I am a stone over weight and on a bad day can increase by one or even two dress sizes. The diarrhoea I can live with, the oain I can live with. But those two put together with the feeling of nausea, tiredness, head aches, depression & wretchedness is just about enough to finish me off! As well as Gluten being cut out completely, I also have reduced my dairy intake, cut out wine & try to eat a balanced diet. I eat 3 meals a day but I do tend to graze between meals as a big meal leaves me feeling bloated & sluggish. I get Colpermin on prescription but as I take many drugs I am not quite sure which one works. Pregabalin, said to reduce anxiety, also works as a good painkiller. The best thing I take, as a treatment of symptoms, is Codeine; Co-codamol 30/500 which deals with the pain & slows things down.

I suffer from depression but some days it is difficult to know which came first; IBS or depression!!

Now I am being tested for Refracted Coeliacs Disease where the symptoms rage on despite being on a Gluten free diet. I am not sure where that will leave me!

I would be very interested to hear from any one who has Coelicas disease & IBS....

Oh, buy Alpro Soya products as they are guarunteed to be produced in a rain-forest friendly area!


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Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 7:04 pm
by Fructomal
For years I thought I had IBS (when I went to see a doctor, she thought so too)... but it turned out to be something else... fructose malabsorption. By cutting out foods containing fructose, fructrans and certain sweetners like sorbitol (coupled with a short dose of antibiotics to remove some unfriendly bacteria from my intestine), symptoms more or less vanished.

I noticed certain foods made my symptoms worse... honey (very high in fructose), onions (high in fructrans), tomato soup or puree (fructose), even to a lesser degree Innocent Smoothies (contain apple juice, high in fructose, and other fruits), wheat-based foods (contain fructrans) and raisins (high in fructose).

When I avoided fruit and veg (apart from potatoes) for a couple of weeks, symptoms improved markedly. I'd say I'm now more or less symptom free, but every time I go back to eating too much fruit/veg or other food I should avoid, symptoms return.

Google 'fructose malabsorption' for a fuller list of foods to avoid or which are okay. The condition is hardly recognised in UK, but in Australia, they reckon over half of all cases of IBS may actually be caused by dificulties in absorbing fructose.

Okay, I'm not getting my recommended five a day (not even five a week, to be honest). But I'm feeling much better than I did in years.

Foods I eat and am okay with: white/basmati rice, oats (including porridge and oat cakes), wheat-free pasta and bread (try Genuis brown bread, delicious), potatoes - the above foods should form the main part of any meal. Also okay with fish, meat (but be careful with ready meals as they may contain triggers like onions, tomato sauce or wheat-based sauce). And I'm fine with hard cheese, seeds (pumpkin, linseed, etc.), nuts, small quantities of some low-fructose vegetables (but I mean small quantities).

I avoid: Wheat-based products, tomato-based products, anything with onions or leeks, brown rice (contains fructrans), honey (just about the worst thing), all fruit but especially avoid high fructose varieties like apples, pears, dried fruit and fruit juices (giving up smoothies was tough for me!), most veg (but white potatoes are fine, as are broad beans), soya-based products, chocolate, soft drinks (usually contain fructose or the sweetner sorbitol), raisins, probiotic yoghurt... It's a long list I'm afraid...

But, still no symptoms of IBS after 4 months of following this diet.

May be worth trying... you've probably nothing to lose. But you do have to do the research and be strict for a 2 week period minimum in avoiding the trigger foods. Then you can try reintroducing borderline foods and see whether you can tolerate them. Different people are able to tolerate different foods to different degrees.

And also, if you have an overgrowth of unfriendly bateria like I did, symptoms won't vanish entirely until you get rid of the bacteria from your intestine.

Good luck!

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Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2011 12:02 pm
by lipstik
I have recently been diagnosed with chronic IBS after almost a year and have had all the medications available - Mebeverine, Buscopan and Culpermin - all prescribed by either my GP or a very expensive consultant and all to no avail, The only thing that helped was a colonoscopy after which I had many months trouble free, however I am told that this is not something that can be repeated. The consultant told me to avoid caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, brown bread and of course stress. I found out myself over a period of time that onions must be avouided at all costs. My only relief can be strong pain killers and although my GP condones this I do not feel happy with this as a long term solution. There are days when I just don't know what to try to ease the pain and am reluctant to make plans even a day in advance.
Having read all of the comments here I feel more optimistic with the ideas that have been posted and will be trying out some of them asap.
I can only say thanks a million for starting this topic which my ever suffering husband found for me this morning when he realised I was having a bad day yet again.

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Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 11:27 am
by joyhg
I use the Aloe gel too - it's amazing! 8 years of living in a nightmare, eating restriced foods, bloating up in public, spending hundreds on alternative therapies.... now im practically all better and can more or less eat what i like!! I loved the product s much, i started working for the company and now have my health and a decent business!! Happy days!