I need a nose job!

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I need a nose job!

Postby harriet_07 » Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:58 pm

I really could use some advice because i am nearly 16 and i have reached the stage where i cannot stand myself anymore. I feel sick when i look in the mirror and its all down to my nose... it's got a bump on it and i hate it. my parents know how i feel but wont let me get surgery untill i am 18.. you can get it at 16 with parents consent but they wont let me..
I have such low self esteem and i know if i have my nose changed i will be alot more confident. It's holding me back ...
Please dont say stuff like .. ohh your beutiful inside.. because ive heard it all before and i just want to know how i can persuade my parents to let me have it when i have finished school at the age of 16 nearly 17.
Please help! :(
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Re: I need a nose job!

Postby ILoveChristmas » Tue Nov 24, 2009 9:41 am

Hi Harriet,

I know you said your parents know how you feel, but I wondered if you'd sat down with them both and had a proper conversation with them about how this makes you feel and what impact you feel it's having on your life. Perhaps make an appointment to see your doctor first and find out if you have any options on the NHS in case the financial worry is part of your parents' concern.

I feel for you, but at the same time I can also understand your parents' reluctance to agree to it, especially as at 16 you're still growing. Perhaps it would help if you mentioned to them that it's something you will be having done, whether you're 18 or younger and that having their support is what you really need.

You also don't mention how you plan to pay for what, I imagine, is an expensive operation. Have you been to see an NHS doctor about it? Or would you intend to pay a private hospital to do it?

Good luck.
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Re: I need a nose job!

Postby RagDoll » Tue Nov 24, 2009 10:32 am

Do you really think your lack of self esteem is all down to your nose? I can't imagine that just one of your physical features (e.g. your nose) is really the root cause of you being unable to stand yourself - to me, this seems to be mostly a psychological thing. Is there any reason you feel so bad about yourself (other than your nose)?

I'm not sure having a nose job would really solve your problems. Ok, if you really hate your nose, it might help, but you're still going to be fundamentally the same person afterwards. If you have low self esteem, it's that you really need to work on, not altering your physical appearance. That's just my opinion anyhow.

With regards to your parents, I don't think there is anyway you can persuade them to let you have the operation sooner. I would imagine they're hoping you'll have accepted yourself a bit more by the time you're 18, hence won't even want the operation by then.
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Re: I need a nose job!

Postby Bel Bel » Fri Nov 27, 2009 1:03 pm

I understand how a physically dfeature can make you feel bad about yourself but I too think maybe this is more physcological and if you had the nose done you would soon find something else to hate about yourself, lots of people do this rather than dealing with the physcological issue.
Go to the doctor tell them how much it destroys you as a person and ask for conselling. if the counsellor truly beleives it is having a detrimental effect on you then you may be put forward for surgery earlier and on the NHS. However th counsellor may get you to see things differently and you may come out of this with a change of heart
It's got to be worth a try if you're feeling so low
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