vomiting, diarrhea is it stress please help!

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vomiting, diarrhea is it stress please help!

Postby garyurfree22 » Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:55 am

Hey all, I have a problem thats not going away and need some advice, at the end of jully i was told I was being made redundant for my job in a call center, within 2 weeks I was throwing up and had diarrhea so stayed off sick for several days, during this time i took spasmonal which I had been given last year when I got a bad stomach bug ( this basicly stops the intestines from spasming which stops the diarrhea) after a day or 2 the diarrhea stopped so I returned to work however the vomiting stayed with me only happening in the mornings ususaly before work and passing usually by mid afternoon/evening. I have always had a history of overthinking things and worrying too much. I managed to get a new job doing the same sort of work but for slightly less money and in a more tense atmosphere than before. The throwing up has continued every morning since then but generally not in the evenings and since monday I have been off again from my now new job (with the same employer) which I am on probation for. The throwing up seemed to get alot worse to the point where I was unable to eat anything last weekend and was being sick and wretching I went into work anyway and shortly after getting in I started bein sick badly and shaking so went home sick. I have lost about 1 stone in weight since aug making me 9 stone my lightest in recent memory.

I went back to my doctors who Ive seen more time than Id like in the last year an a half for bugs etc and told him about my symptoms and he has given me cyclizine to try to controll the nausia and also taken blood to be sent for tests. I have had a recent bout of depression in the winter which I was treated for with citalopram, after the dost of citalopram had time to build up i didnt feel depressed anymore however I was completely emotionally numb, I stopped being able to be happy and constantly felt like I was zombie like and in a world of my own to the point where I stopped caring about anything. In april or may I came off these as it got to be too much and was doing damage to relationships with friends and familly and after a few weeks I returned to what I felt was normal and felt better than I had originally. I have been taking the cyclizine for 3 days now and althought in the evenings I dont feel nausious, in the morning Im still waking up feeling stomach stick and getting the shakes and ususally feeling too hot or too cold.

My question really is, could it be stress thats making me feel this way ie somthin to do with worrying about being made redundant or about doing ok in the new job or the new job itself. Ive always had a tendancy to overthink everything and recently lost touch with some close friends through a move of city and fall outs and so I dont have many people I can talk too any more which doesnt help (2 friends and my partner). Im really worrying now that if the blood tests come back and its not somthing I can take an antibiotic for then I dont know what I will do, Can work sack me in probation because of this and since its the same employer they should be aware still of my previous absences so I expect to be brought into a meeting about this, tho I dont know what to tell them or expect. Can stress be detected with blood tests? I am also worried that they may just come back normal and nothing more will be done about it, but I feel like I cant go on being sick in the mornings and I dont want to have to get a new job either as the interview and the first few weeks are the part that causes me the mose anxiety and worry. Ive lost about 1 stone in weight since aug making me 9 stone.
At this point any advice would be helpfull so please tell me what you think and if theres anything else I should be doing to try to get this sorted out, Im increasingly worried about my job due to this illness and really worry that if i loose my job Ill end up crashing and becomming depressed again.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you do have any words of advice or anything that might help please let me know.

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Re: vomiting, diarrhea is it stress please help!

Postby snail » Thu Sep 23, 2010 10:54 am

I don't know if work could sack you for illness; I wouldn't have thought so but hopefully someone on here will know more.

Yes, I think your physical symptoms could definitely be caused by your state of mind, I've known other people in similar situations (my mother was ill for months, lost so much weight she looked really awful, turned out to be psychosomatic). The timing suggests this too (coming on after you were told you were being made redundant) and let's face it, you have more than enough going on in your head to make anyone ill. Keep an open mind though, and keep seeing the doctor, as a physical cause is also a possibility.

Try not to worry too much about losing your job; even if it happened, it might give you a welcome break from worry and a chance to look after yourself. You could always study a course, or perhaps do a little voluntary work, or you might even get another job you prefer. Call centre work sounds very stressful if you're a quiet, sensitive person - perhaps something else might suit you better?

Have you thought about seeking counselling to get to the root of some of your worry? It's not a quick fix but it's more likely to give rewarding and long-lasting help than taking anti-depressants is.
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