is there something wrong here?!

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is there something wrong here?!

Postby Jemima » Tue Oct 05, 2010 9:37 pm

this is a bit embarrassing but i need some advice on this; every now and again i seem to get an upset stomach that lasts up to a few days. Unfortunately i have a bit of a sensitive stomach but before around April time, this has never been a problem for me (while being in england at least)
it would be my absolute worst nightmare to be diagnosed with something like irritable bowel syndrome as i am completely neurotic, whereas with some people things like upset stomachs don't bother them in the slightest...I, on the other hand, am completely the opposite.
After eating I seem to get a very slight pain in my lower stomach, i feel absolutely fine, no raised temperature, just an upset stomach. It normally occurs in the evening especially as well.
I had some kind of bug around 2 months ago which was definitely contagious as my friend caught it too, which caused exactly the same symptoms as above. I took immodium so i was wondering if the infection hasn't properly cleared up yet and this is just the end of a bug...but i'm also worried that i have some sort of condition which, as i already mentioned, would be my absolute worst nightmare. One thing i haven't said yet, is the fact that when i worry about things, i get butterflies which as everyone probably knows can lead to nervous squits or whatever people call it. Could it be that too?
I'm worrying way, way too much, i know. It annoys me too but i need to know if anyone else gets these symptoms or if anyone can help identify what this could be.
Please reply! thank you!
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Re: is there something wrong here?!

Postby Bel Bel » Wed Oct 06, 2010 2:59 pm

I think you really need to see the doctor.
Have you checked if it's related to your menstral cycle at all as I know a lot of people who get a loose bowel around that time.
You could have an intestine infection left over from the bug or it could be a conincidence and it's completely different problem
It could be something that gets a lot worse if you don't get it treated
Worrying will certainly not be hleping so perhaps you should get something done about that, I would suggest a cognitive therapist.
You say whilst being in England - where are you now?
Beleive me none of us like embarrasing problems but if you have one you have to learn to deal with it, it won't go away after all.
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