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quitting smoking

Postby neuchowski » Thu May 19, 2011 9:04 am

I've mentally listed about 500 reasons why i need to quit but i just don't have the motivation to even try. Yesterday i tried to go a day without smoking and i ended up digging old butts out of the ashtray. once i get that idea in my head that i need a cigarette i can't think about anything else until I've had one.

all the popular quitting techniques just don't appeal to me. i hate gum, patches do nothing for me (isn't part of the addiction actually the action of smoking?), i'm not disciplined enough to wean myself off them.. i just have the absolute lowest amount of motivation ever.

does anyone have any quitting success stories? i'm eager to know what worked for other people.
do electric cigarettes work? and is it feasible to keep smoking weed when you're trying to quite smoking tobacco?
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Re: quitting smoking

Postby ILoveChristmas » Thu May 19, 2011 7:08 pm

Hi neuchowski,

The first thing i'd say is that you won't (or shouldn't) find anyone on this site condoning the taking of drugs under any circumstances.

As for your issue, have you looked into the inhilator devices? There's one being advertised on the television just now made by Nicorette that may be worth a try. Because it's shaped like a cigarette it's meant to help deal with the 'need' to hold and inhale - something which patches and gum clearly don't do, so you may have more success with them. If not then your doctor can prescribe you stronger versions of them which may help if you find the over-the-counter devices too weak.

If you are genuinely struggling for will-power then you could ask if your doctor would refer you to a hypnotherapist. They would be able to help you overcome the 'need' to smoke.

A complete lack of motivation is worrying though, because all these techniques do still require will-power to succeed. In fact will-power is the only way these things will succeed. There aren't any magic solutions to curing an addiction, so you'll definately need to work on motivation and will-power. Unfortunately it's usually only something quite severe, like the death of a close relative to a smoking related illness that's enough to provide the shock to kick-start the quiting process.

If your reasons for quiting are primarily social or financial it'll be tougher.
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Re: quitting smoking

Postby Ticktock » Fri May 20, 2011 7:34 am

You have my sympathy, some people find smoking fiercely addictive.

You can list all the reasons in your head but does anyone of them genuinely affect you at the moment, my mother was only made to quit after she went on dialysis, even though smoking had killed my dad and ruined her eyesight, and that was only because she was dependant on me buying them and I stopped her so she would see her grandchildren grow up, a privilege my dad didn't get.

As you have identified smoking is mostly habit related, so eliminating situations where you smoke is a good idea, for example maybe you always smoke when you watch a certain programme, or in a certain location. Also if you are going to try then everything needs to be taken out the house and put in a location where you can't retrieve it, get a neighbour to put it in the bin, or take them down the tip. Empty the ashtrays at the same time, wash them up and put them away.

Wash your clothes with an odour eliminator to get rid of the smell, and look to redecorate where you live, the elimination of my mum's yearly repaints due to brown ceilings and walls was a great relief! Maybe go away for a while where you can't smoke to start you off... my mum's was a week in hospital (yes she was making a very good effort to kill herself by smoking...)

If you give yourself a fighting chance in the first place then you may build the self belief to keep on doing it, and it is worth it.

Oh and weed is probably a lot worse from a health viewpoint, and is less addictive than cigarettes so give that up at the same time!
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Re: quitting smoking

Postby brendo » Wed May 25, 2011 12:46 am

My mother spent years trying to quit and finally succeeded by replacing cigarettes with normal mints and chewing gums. As long as she had something to chew on, she got through her cravings for the first year and then stopped needing all those mints and gum after that! She had tried nicorette gum, inhaler and patches previously but found them all useless.

You could try that 'Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking' book too, I heard that its very helpful.
Good luck with it!
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