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ibs need advice

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:46 am
by ray80dav
](*,) ](*,) Hi, I am new to this forum, looking for people like myself who suffer with ibs, my symptoms are CONSTIPATION, DIARRHEA, ACIDREFLUX,BLOATING,BURPING,WORST OF ALL STOMACH PAINS. I was diagnosed 6 years ago and cannot find total relief, it is always something, As soon as I want to go anywhere important at least one of my symptoms starts to show, Could this be through stress or is it the same for everyone, I would take any advice I can get, tried so many pills and potions to many to name, so if anyone knows of a recently new product I would be happy to try what you recommend, hopefully it has worked for you so it may work for me, I trying diets at the moment so fingers crossed.