Hello, I'm a newbie

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Hello, I'm a newbie

Post by Bobbie » Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:52 pm

Hello everyone.

I've not really used a forum before so I thought if give it a go.
I have an issue and I would like you to help me, I have lost a lot of confidence as I feel fat.

I would like to loose weight and I am joining the gym next week (payday) I am celiac so my diet is slightly restricted. I walk a lot as I don't drive and I go walking most weekends.

I have recently started to feel chubby and podgy and it's making me feel quite sad.
When I am sad I fall in to the trap of not eating or eating.. At the moment eating seems to have won big time !!

I just want some advice how to gain some confidence and loose some flab !!

I am 5ft2 (and a half!!) and about 10stone (just under I think) I am size 10-12.

Thank you !


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Re: Hello, I'm a newbie

Post by Sledge » Thu Oct 24, 2013 7:40 pm

If you find an online calorie calculator that tells you how many calories you would need in a maintenance diet to remain a particular weight, and then try typing in the weight you would like to be, you might be surprised to find that the number of calories in the maintenance diet for your current weight and the number of calories in the maintenance diet of your target weight might only differ by a couple of hundred calories. This can be both good news and bad news. Good news in that burning an extra couple of hundred calories is all that is needed to make the difference; bad news in that it only takes a couple of hundred calories of overeating to spoil your good intentions. Reducing your calorie intake by only 100 calories, and at the same time increasing your activity to burn an extra 100 calories can make a large difference for only a marginal difference in lifestyle. As for confidence, there is nothing so motivating as a little success. Knuckle down for a couple of weeks and you will have that success. Don't use your bathroom scales to measure success; your clothes will tell you if you are doing it right. Don't be afraid of suffering a few hunger pangs. They don't get worse and worse, but rather, they come and go in phases. Personally I find sugary food or flour based food makes me hungry well before my next meal. Meals with a little protein help me.

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Re: Hello, I'm a newbie

Post by Bel Bel » Fri Oct 25, 2013 9:42 am

There is another thread on here about weight lose that has some good tips.
Also be realistic. A size 10-12 is way under the average size and is what most people would love to be.
Toning up and being healthy are fine but your body won't be able to maintain weight lose that is unreasonable.
Your height and weight are just inside the BMI acceptable weight fro your height although this has to be considered carefully with body shape. I am hour glass and have a rather large bottom so on a BMI i am always overweight but the doctors always say I am very obviously a healthy weight from looking at me.

Which bits of your body particularly bother you, tailor exercise to work on those areas?

If it's just weight in general remember that it's just a number. Fitting nicely in your clothes and feeling good are much more important focuses
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