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Am I Bisexual?

Postby carrie36 » Tue Oct 28, 2003 9:08 am

Please Help me as I am going out of my mind. Recently my best friend and I went out had a lot of drinks, came back to my house. (she is also my neighbour), went online into a video chat room and started mucking around chatting with blokes. They were asking us to strip. I am 36yrs and she is 30yrs by the way

We ended up taking off our clothes, touching each other, kissing, then my friend suggested we log off and go to bed, which we did. We continued to touch and kiss. ok we were both drunk, but what does this mean? surely if we were not bi, then we would have sobered up pretty quick and pulled away? I have been distraught ever since, and I do have feelings for her, but it has definately left me wondering what this all means.

It was a first for both of us, and she keeps saying dont worry about it , we were just drunk, but I cannot stop thinking about it. Please reply with any advice.
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Postby worriedteen1 » Tue Oct 28, 2003 9:36 pm

Hey, ok first i think you need to make it clear in your mind if you actually like her because the fact you're thinking of it suggests you do. Secondly i'd say she must feel some feelings for you as she wouldnt of asked you to go to bed then continue to touch/kiss after the cam is off. It seems to me perhaps she is saying not to worry and she was just drunk because she thinks you dont have any feelings for her and think that yourself, Perhaps if you tell her how you feel she may just feel the same and you can decide your sexuality and future from there. But one more suggestion is dont consider yourself Bi even if it turns out it was meant to be asyou shouldnt catogrise yourself, you may just be open minded and she may well be too.

Hope this as helped. Keep us posted.

Good luck.
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Postby Paige34 » Wed Oct 29, 2003 6:03 pm

my advice is try not to think about whether your bi or straight you are who you are.
It's understandable that your confused, I think that maybe you should sit down with your friend and have a proper talk about what happened as I'm sure shes just as confused as you are, even though she said not to worry and that you were both drunk I think it's best you talk as shes probably just saying that because she feels nervous about "what it all means" like you do.

You say you have feelings for her and they need to be expressed or they'll drive you crazy, go with what feels right for you and try not "work" things out in your head to much (it aways confuses me more when I do that) go with the flow, you can't help who you have feeling for and whoever you have feeling for doesn't determine the person you are.

hope this as help and let us know have you get on
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that's tough

Postby kinky_kylie_aka_babes » Wed Oct 29, 2003 8:54 pm

im 15 and im in a long relationship with my bf and well sometimes i feel like i would like to try it with a girl also with my bf there but im worried about how to tell other girls. im not sure if u wanna class yourself as a bisexual u could but then again u dont cause yes u went to bed but bi meens men and woman not just woman so yeh call yourself bisexual i think every girl has got that bit of girl on girl feelin i have but i dont need to express it now ive got my whole life ahead of me. I THINK that cause your 30 u are ready and uve done it. THE POINT is that if u enjoyed it try it again talk to your friend about it tell her your feelings and if u felt really bad and didnt like it i would suggest that u dont do it again.

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Postby Lorelei » Wed Oct 29, 2003 9:32 pm

It's best not to worry about categorizing yourself so much.
I think it's possible for anyone to fall for anyone else, regardless of gender.
Instead, focus on what your feelings really are.

First of all, you say you have feelings for your friend.
If you do, then express that to her if you feel it will help.
But it could also be that you never had a female lover before.
Perhaps you enjoyed it and want to experience it again, but you associate it specifically with her.
Has it been the first intimacy you have experienced in a while?
If so, that might be why you feel so attached to her right now.

On the other hand, your feelings are just as likely to be perfectly genuine.
As she was the one who suggested going to bed, it seems that it was something she wanted.
If I were you, I'd discuss it some more with her (possibly over a couple of drinks) and see if you can make more sense of it
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