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For any problems related to sexuality, coming out & gay relationships.
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Post by loopylou » Sat Jun 11, 2005 11:06 pm

Have you had a sexual relationship before? have you got 'more intimate' like you said with anyone else before?

because if not in the back of your mind maybe you are worried about not being able to 'do it right' or knowing what to do..maybe your scared that youll make a fool of yourself or he'll think less of you after becoming more intimate, you may not realise it but this maybe the reason in the back of your mind..

you wont just be able to get intimate with him straight away but youve got to try and relax and most of all i think you need to explain to him how you are feeling, because as theyalways say communication is the key to a relationship.
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Post by JulieAndrewslovesu » Sun Jun 12, 2005 5:45 pm

don't you fret my young muffin. the only thing you can do is to tell him about your worries and i should imagine that will help loads. tell him about your clamminess and he mite try and help by taking things real slow and easing ur mind. seriously love, just talk to your bf.

ps. really pleased that you're back together :D
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Post by Cherry Muffin » Mon Jun 13, 2005 6:59 pm

thankoooo people again... great advice frm all. i think i may leave the chat till later on because its only been a few days since we got back together i dont want to scare him lol.

ill have to go soon because im going to his soon. his parents apparently dont know about us yet and think we are still just mtes which i think is just a line made up by him because they are not dumb people.. they can see whats going on surely i mean, ive seen him about 3/4 times over the past week lol. he wont tell them yet though or his friends which kinda worries me as its like hes embrassed of our relationship. everyone who knows about us so far has been really happy so i dont see what the problem is!!! ah well ill soon see what his mates think in the near future i suppose.

toodle pip for now! x x x

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