this is a nightmare.

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this is a nightmare.

Postby saraha » Sun Mar 30, 2003 1:13 pm

i really dont know what to do.
my current boyfriend, i love very much,
i know he dont feel the same,
we have been together 10 months now.
i feel he is losing intrest in me.
he only wants one thing, you can probably guess what it is.
and me to get him stuff now and again.
he now only wants to spend an hour with me,
he dont want a normal relationship.
i have tried every thing to makes this work.
but he doesn't seam to care,
i have tried to break up with him,
but he keeps telling me he going to change, so i just take time back, because i know i have hurt him.
and i never want to hurt him or any body.
then he is nice to me, for a about a month then go back to his nomal self.
i know he has been treated bad by other girls,
i know what it is like as all my ex tried to use and hurt me,
but i as really starting to feel he dont trust me, i have tried to reasure him i am not like them them but he wont even listern.
i feel useless. i want a normal relationship.
i might as well give up.
you will probably tell me to dump him,
but it harder then people make out,
plus he always manages to make me change my mind as he knows my weak points.
i be very grateful for any advice,
also if you could give me any advice on trying to help him,
i think may be he just needs help and understanding,
and that i may of tried to help him in the wrong way.
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Postby hara » Wed Apr 09, 2003 2:55 pm

Your not going to like this but ive learnt the hard way that sometimes you have to be harsh to be kind and it doesnt always work out soomthly. Sometimes if were too nice to someone we just unintentially make their problem worse. Im sorry to have to say this. You need to talk to him a good serious talk. Tell him its up to him, that you do love him but if he wants a relationship with you then he has to start treating you with some respect and not just after your body. You must remember to think about yourself as well as him.
I hope it goes well and you sort it out.
Let us know what happens
:-) smile
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Postby saraha » Wed Apr 09, 2003 9:55 pm

i chatted with him.
he has agreed to spend a bit more time with me.
he started to listern to me and my feelings which is starting to help.
i just hope this is not a faze (not sure how you spell it)
because he changes each month.
it seams to have taken ages for him to understand,
but i am glad he realised he not the only one with feelings.
just hope it lasts.
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