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i cant stand it anymore!!!!!!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 02, 2003 10:07 am
by danielle
i cant stand it anymore i want him back but he dont want me i dont think he does anyway.
let me start from the begining
i went out with one of my mates of a long time for three weeks and then he said he wasnt ready for a relationship but i loved him before we even went out and then when i had him for them three weeks i just love him more.
his mate was asking me some really weird questions when i was at the shop the other day questions like
do i still like him and would i ever get back with him and he asked if i was with anyone now . i said i wouldnt ever get back with him and cus i dont want him to think that cus i like him alot he can just take the pi** with my emotions but now im wondering if he is thinking about me cus i sure think of him every day and its really hard cus he only lives over the road from me .
does anyone have any clues on whats going on in my head at the moment cus i dont ?


PostPosted: Wed Apr 02, 2003 3:35 pm
by laurarulz2003
i really dnt no wots goin on in ur head but iv bin in d same sort of situation . i went out wid dis lad and he treated me really gud and we were b/f 4 ages but wen his m8s found out cuz his m8s fink im a slappa he dumped me but since den he ent talked 2 me but his m8s were tryin 2 get us bak 2geva. i told dem 2 f**k off cuz all their gonna do is break ur heart agen.

find sum1 else and dnt waste ur time on him, i did

tell me how u get on!!

gud luk!!!!!!!!!!!