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Can any girls help me out here?

PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2003 11:32 am
by SaintsLad
Having just split up with my girlfriend of 2 months i was wondering if any ladies can help me out. she'd liked me for nearly a year and a half and had said she loved me when we where together. We split up 6 days ago on good terms after we had got in each others faces after seeing each other every day. We got on at first and it was really good. Knowin how a womans mind works i was wondering if any of u can tell me if she would still love or like me now and if its worth backing off for a bit and then tryin to get back with her. Thanks

PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2003 5:42 pm
by tammybligh
I'm afraid us women are very complex creatures, and we're all very different!

Obviously, only she can tell you how she truely feels. Some people just need to have their own space. I would advise you to give her that space... if she still loves you then she will come back, crowding her will only anger the situation.

I hope it all works out for the best :)

PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2003 10:05 am
by danielle
i agree with tammy men will never understand women and women will never understand men.
i cant stand being around my boy friend all the time i hate it i need my own space but when im not with him i hate that too i cant win.
and if my boyfriends calls me all the time i get bored and if he dont call me i want to know why.
see i dont even understand myself so i dont know how a bloke would.
anyway the only way u would know if she still likes u is by asking .
i hope ive helped abit?

PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2003 11:01 am
by KoRn_Freak
It's sorry to say but us femme fatales want so many things that men get caught in the crossfire! I personally love the attention, I hate being away from my boyfriend, but feel bad if I sense he wants his own space, and vice versa. My advice to you is remain friends with your ex and see how handling a friendship with her goes for a few weeks. If you feel you can learn to be two different people and want to try again with her, simply tell her. There's no harm in trying.

Hope that helps a little :)

PS: If you're friends with her and still want to know how she feels, there's nothing to do but politely ask her. It's unfortunate that we can't gaze into a crystal ball and foresee the answers we want!