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How can I be in love if I'm behaving like this?!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2003 12:41 pm
by tourguide_barbie
Ok, long time no speak y'all!
You all kno my situation, I have a bf of 2 years that I love and loves me bla bla bla
The thing is my bf has just started goin about with a mate he knew ages ago from work, but his mate has been socialising with me and my friends too. On fri night we all went out, we were all chatting havin a laugh and I was shall we say a tad 'merry' well me my bf's mate and another friend ended up leaving the crowd and headed somewhere else. Now while we were in this other club my bfs mate hands me his phone and on it it said "nightmare, i really like u, i feel bad tho.. what would u do if i kissed u?" i was like omg coz hes a really nice, funny but my bf's mate!!!!! I was like aww thats sweet..

Then I dono what came over me I just kissed him! and it was great! That was ok, then we were holding hands under the table and that kinda thing, i felt great, then we were sitting together and he was kissing my neck, something my bf would never ever dream of doin, not affectionatly and certainly not in public!

I went home, slept of my hangover then txted my bfs mate, i kinda got the impression he wasn't interested and i was gutted! Altho I'm still with my bf everything he says now irratates me, i havent seen him in about a week which is very long for us! but just talkin to him on the phone i just feel like hanging up and saying "f*** u!"
Some1 please tell me what i should do, i don't want to tell my bf, not yet anyways..but i cant stop thinking about my bfs mate!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2003 1:23 pm
by danielle
we cant tell u what to do but what do u mean u kinda got the impression hes not interested have u spoken to him proparely about it he might think u made a mistake or doesnt want to cause problems with your boyfriend i honestly dont know but before this mate appeared on the scene did u still like ur b/f or has ur feelings been this way towards him for a long time?

is this a way out of the relationship ur already in?

PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2003 1:39 pm
by tourguide_barbie
Well i was kinda happy i had never really thought about it before.. when i say i got the impression he was saying things like, "well we only kissed" and if ya stay with him i dont care. i cant stop thinkin about how great the other night was then i think how many great nights have a had with my bf and i am struggling to find that many!
i just want some1 to tell me what to do, coz no matter what i'll do i'll screw it up!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2003 1:51 pm
by danielle
no-one can tell u what to do but i will tell u something i have done u know all about my problems with lads well i have gave the boyfriend thing a rest now and im having a great time on my own.
i know now that ur life is ur own and it is what you make it.