i love my 21 year old ex and i am only 15 help

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Just Landed
Just Landed
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i love my 21 year old ex and i am only 15 help

Post by lovehurts » Fri Apr 18, 2003 12:59 pm

i need help i think i love my ex an i don`t no what to do. you see we were together for about a month and a half and then he just stopped calling altogether we didn`t live that far away but he used to call me everynight and it just stopped so i thought ok we r over and got on with my life. i went out with other lads and didn`t think about him at all i was fine. then two and a half months after not a single word he called out of the blue i don`t know why but i wasn`t angry i was practically crying i was just so happy to hear from him. he rang again that night saying he was sorry and that he missed me he also said we were still together and he would never do it again. well i was so happy an i was supposed to meet him a few days after that and guess what he never turned up. i was just telling my friend it`s ok he will be here in a minute but he never came. he blew his last chance but i still loved him. i never heard from him after that but he was always and still is in my heart i can`t help it i love him. i recently e-mail him he is single and so am i what do i do help i still love him. i know it sounds silly but i have tried letting people into my heart guys i mean but it`s like my heart keeps rejecting them but with him it was different and i don`t know what to do please help me i really shouldn`t feel this way he is 21.

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One of the Crowd
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Post by evilmage » Sat Apr 19, 2003 12:28 pm

Firstly you have to get over your ex before you can think to start dating other guys.
Think about the way he treated you. Also did you really consider the relationship having a future? Did you picture marrying him or having kids with him?
It is unlikely that relationships with such a big age gap when you are young work out for marriage. Your at different places in your lives at the moment, and the best thing to do is try and get over him.
Delete txts and emails from him, and dont think of him as your love. Try to picture yourself without him and happy and soon it will become a reality.
The only healer is time, so I wish you the best luck in the world. We all have to go through this (as I recently discovered) so its best to get it over with quickly! You only appreciate the sweet when youve tasted the sour.
Then only once you are truly over him (you wouldnt say yes if he asked you out) can you think about dating guys, and try little relationships without going steady for the first couple of times.
xXx evilmage xXx

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Just Landed
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Oh my god!

Post by scawston » Fri May 09, 2003 12:26 pm

Look i have actually been through this okay, you are not on your own, i was with a boy for 6 months and he was always letting me down, i never used to see him for weeks then all of a sudden he came round like nothing had happened and i was just so glad to be with him again that i didnt say anything. Well after about a year of this it really started to get me down and i took an overdose because he failed to show up again. I never told him though and to this day he still doesnt know, anyway i eventually started to build myself and my confidence up again only to have him come running back into my life confessing love and all that and i said okay lets try again, i genuinely thought he had changed, i asked him to come round the next week and i would cook us a meal and he never showed and that was the last i saw of him, that was about a year and a half ago only last week i bumped into him and i did still find him attractive but i am with somebody else now, and you will find somebody too, somebody who wont keep doig this to you, someone who loves you and makes you feel special not like rubbish all the time. Believe me it will happen, you just have to cut all your ties and move on as hard as that is, and i know, it nearly killed me, please dont end up like i was. Tlak to someone, i promise it helps in the long run, you need to gain confidence in yourself before yuo get into another relationship, i jumped straight into another and it didnt work out because i was so paranoid. It will take alot of time, tears and tantrums but you will get over this, even now, i find it hard to believe my current boyfriend when he tells me he loves me because i dounted myself for so long its hard to stop, dont end up that way, get out now!!!

I hope that helped hunny, post back if you need any more advice

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too old..

Post by Mr.L » Tue May 20, 2003 10:26 pm

his way too old. its a crime for him to be seeing you yaknow. its something called paedophillia. very serious and disgusting. Dont contatc this guy again, get over it, he probably doesnt love you its ahrsh btu u gota hear it, im a guy and wen guys who r like at least 3 yeras older then the girl date the girls 9e.g 17 yr old and a 13 yr old. they usually do it for easy sex with a virgin. jsut anotehr one for the scorecard. sorry to tell you but its true and wta has he been doing in the pasty 2 and a half months?!

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