i kinda messed up and sure what to do.

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i kinda messed up and sure what to do.

Postby crasygurl » Sun Apr 20, 2003 6:42 pm

ok here goes.
i have been with my boyfriend 4 almost a year now.
i addmit i have had doughts about how he feels and the way he treats me.

i realised that it is due to the fact i have had so much bad luck with my ex's and other people i have known during my life.

last week i was really upset, he cheered me up and told me how he feels about me.
it the first time he told me that he really likes me and that he allways thinking about me.
as he finds that stuff hard.

but if i think about it, i haven't be that nice to him.
he tells me all the time that he finds othere women i know attactive.
he goes away often to spain or the coast to visit his grandparents then tells me how sexy the women he meets is.
he moans if i even speak to any one.
he kinda demanding and asks me always to lend him stuff or money.
he hardly pays me any attenion.

i have told him during our relationship, that it makes me feel bad, and that he acts as if he only have any feelings which really upsets me.

i guess my main problem is that i am scared of being hurt again.
due to my past.

but scince last friday he said it really hurt him when i told him how he was treating me,
i kinda felt he was using me at times.
i feel so bad.
i am even starting to feel like i am no good for him,
i told him that and told me i am being paranoid.
so i am really confused now.

i am sorry if this dont make total sense.
but i would be grateful for any advice.
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Postby Daftness2k3 » Mon Apr 21, 2003 7:10 pm

Okay.I dunno if I caught the right end of what u were saying. From what I could tell,it seems to me that you levelled with him about how you feel. I don't think that you should be worried or afraid about that, because as was once famously said: "Honesty is the best policy." I find that in most situations, that is usually the case and I think it's the case in this scenario. He wouldn't have known how to act or what to think if you didn't tell him how you felt. I think you made the right move....
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Postby crasygurl » Wed Apr 23, 2003 7:32 pm

thanks but he dont c it that way.
ok i told him how i feel about they way he acts towards me at times.
but he feels i am just being horrible to him.
when i tell him how i feel he reackons i am being paranoid.
then he gets up set.
so telling him clearly was a bad idea.
because he very sensetive about him self,
but not towards any one else or their feelings and he dont believe he is being like that.
so i starting to feel it is all my fault.
because i belame him.
for acting like this.
and it only upsets and anoys him.
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One of the Crowd
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