does age really make a difference????? read my story

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does age really make a difference????? read my story

Postby tara88 » Sun Apr 20, 2003 8:07 pm

hey everyone,
well, ne way, i was with this guy first, jack, bout two months ago, he's 19 i just turned 15 last month, but he didnt knw that when i was with him first, another night i met him out, and we were with eachother again, and to be honest, i fell for him, we got on so well, we were txtn after and everythin so it was great :D
then, about two weeks ago, i went out, and i saw him out, i noticed he was being very distant, so i was kinda annoyed :evil: i met him out on the street when the night club was closed and he was like , "hi" and i was so happy he had came up to me but bfore i cud answer he goes "why didnt u tell me ur real age?" i was gobsmacked i just said nothing, and he was like " look i know , ders no point in denying it" and he just walked off, the thing was he tld his friend , who told me, he did really like me until he found out. :(
does that mean his feelings for me just switch off when he knows what age i really am? does age matter? is it really an issue? pls help :roll:
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Postby Kit » Tue Apr 22, 2003 12:30 am

Hi hun,

Age is a funny thing, When i were 14 My boyfriend was 19, and he knew my age but it didn't bother either or us. However we never had sex.

I think that maybe you're ex is worried, because you are under age and he could get in a lot of trouble if you were to have sex. Some people frown on age difference, and maybe he is thinking about that. What would his parents say to him if they found out?

I know this isn't very helpful hun, but you have to think about how he feels.
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Postby shine » Sat May 10, 2003 7:23 pm

i don't think age is an issue but a lot of guys seem to have a cut off age where they wouldn't go out with any1 younger than that no matter how much they like the person. try not 2 worry about it 2 much and wait until ur a bit older 2 c what happens. uv got to look at it from his point of view. i mean if u were 19, would u go out with a 14 yr old? i kno its hard. maybe try to be friends for now.
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Postby DJG » Sat May 10, 2003 7:44 pm

Well, I'm 14 and wouldn't go out with anyone that is 11. It just doesn't seem like a good thing to do.
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Postby Llisa » Tue May 13, 2003 11:16 pm

HI hun,
Age DOES make a difference. At least, right now it does. During adolesence, two people could be only a year apart in age, but a few years apart in maturity. This is likely the case with you. I'm not saying your not mature, but there is definitly going to be some difference between you two, and when you're that young, you have too many other things to worry about besides having to deal with a maturity difference in the relationship you're in. Another thing you might want to consider is that he was being the gentleman in the situation. A lot of times, when girls are younger and 'madly in love' with a guy, they'll go farther with the guy then they expected. He might have known this, and knowing his own sex drive, might have bene protecting you. It's some stuff to think about, but seriously doll, don't sweat it. You have your whole life to meet Mr. Right. He's out there, trust me
Will be praying for you
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Postby primalsurfer » Sun Jun 01, 2003 12:18 pm

age doesn't seem to be the real problem here, it's the fact that you weren't honest with him. Did you tell him you were older than 15? or imply it?

from my experience I went out with an older woman, i was 24 and she said she was 26, we were getting on fine and then one night we compared drivers licenses to check out the photos, I noticed from her birth date that she was actually 28, that fact that she was 28 didn't phase me all that much, it was more the fact that she felt she had to lie to me about her age.

Honesty is always appreciated, deception is frowned apon and no matter how hard you try and cover it it'll usually be uncovered.

the other issues with a 19 and a 15 year old are morale and legal, they do have implications.
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Re: does age really make a difference????? read my story

Postby Tazzer » Sun Jun 01, 2003 11:18 pm

Hey babe,

Age does not matter at all, i was with my bf at 14 and he was 30,i didn't tell him my real age untill a night out when we had an argument and it came out... Im now 20, and we're still 2getha and getting married on the 31st of August. Have it out with him, and if age is such a BIG point, go look somewhere else, but REMEMBER UR MISTAKES!!

Good luck, let me kow how it goes xx
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