Can anyone help me translate what he means????

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Can anyone help me translate what he means????

Postby Daisy Lou » Thu Apr 24, 2003 9:49 pm

Hi I'm new to this kind of thing so you'll have to bear with me!!!! I've never done anything like this before but I desperately need to find some advice on this guy I know!
Let's start from the beginning shall we?....I'd been working for this hotel for about a year and he joined the firm as my boss and we got on really well right from the start - there was a definate "spark" between the two of us. Anyway, we got closer and closer but nothing ever came of it and I saw him as one of my best mates until we went out for a night on the town, him, me and a friend of mine and I went to the ladies and left my friend and him in the bar talking, when I returned he and I had a blazing row because he knew that I wasn't happy at work and my other friend had told him that I loved my job and he started telling me that I needed to get a life, move out of home and that I needed to get rid of my best friend of 20 years! He had me in tears and two minutes later he was hugging me and telling me that he had only said those things because he cared about me. We moved on to another bar and nature called again and again I left the two of them talking and their conversation got round to the reason why he didn't have a girlfriend and he told my mate that he had his eye on someone and that that someone was me! I find it very difficult to accept that he said this because I'm not the world's most self confident person (let's just say I'm not exactly a size 10!!) Then my mate came to meet me in the ladies, after promising not to tell me anything of what he had said (which she didn't until last week!) and when we returned to that bar he had dissappeared and gone home!!
We always got on at work even after this and we were always messing around with each other and generally flirting with one another - harmless fun and a few people had noticed and made comments that we should be together. Anyway, I left my job in that hotel and had a leaving party which he wasn't able to attend, and I had had a little too much to drink and confessed my true feelings for him to a close friend who then decided to take it upon himself to go and tell the guy in question that I was in love with him and I've hardly heard from him since! He sent me a text message to say that he knew how I felt and that was the last I've heard of him! I don't really understand what's going through his head because he would regularly leave drunken voicemails on my mobile telling me that he loved me and that I should move in with him and that he wanted me to be out with him etc. etc.
Everytime I see a car the same as his, hear his name or even see a signpost directed to his town my heart skips a beat and I am really hurting inside, I know this probably sounds really silly and like some schoolgirl crush but I know this is more than that (I'm 24!!) I can't get him out of my head, I don't eat and I can't sleep for worrying that I've lost him as a friend or wondering what might be should he decide that he wants to take things further??? DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS????? What does he mean? Why is he treating me like this? Does he feel the same as me or not??? If I've not bored you already I'd like any suggestions from anyone please 'cos I think I'm going slightly mad!!!!
Daisy Lou
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Postby stellar » Fri Apr 25, 2003 2:59 pm

He obviously likes you! But I know it's confusing when theres that boundary of "are we just friends or more?"!! Is there no way you can contact him to maybe meet up for a drink or something? Just as mates? It would be a shame to lose your friendship just because your colleagues couldn't keep themselves from gossiping. I think the best thing to do is just call him/text him and arrange to meet up, act as though nothing happened and see what comes of it.
Sorry this is a bit of a mixed up post!
Good Luck
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Postby kobekris » Fri Apr 25, 2003 3:01 pm

Dont worry bout not being new to this every 1 has to start some where!! first of all your problem is fairly simple, but not for the person having it. Just phone him up (when he is sober) and ask him where he wants it to go!!! If he says he wants it to go further then congratulations BUT if he says he feels nothing then you must respect that and start down the long long road of recoveroy. i hope wot i have sed is helpful and good luck
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Postby shine » Sat May 10, 2003 7:04 pm

the exact same thing happened to me. and i know the feelin that whenever you see anything that relates top them your heart goes. i went through a lot of pain just tryin to get the friendship sorted. i tried talkin to him trough instant message but to start with he just ignored me then after a while he was really horrible to me. i got upset about this. but know everythings ok and he said he just needed some time to think. i don't know why he couldn't have just told me that at the time, it would've saved a lot of heartache for me. at the moment we're just friends but we've talked and want to take things further when the times right. hope this helps xx
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