I am confused

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I am confused

Postby smokeangel9632 » Sat Apr 26, 2003 10:39 pm

I went out with a guy a few months ago but sadly that ended even though I still really liked him. When I was with him it was great, I even broke his virginity and had a great sex life. I was on the pill and it was brilliant.
A few weeks ago I had a drunken weekend and fooled around with a really nice guy though one of my best friends really liked him too. She found out about it and was really upset. I managed to convince her that we were under the influence. We fell back in though. He started kissing her a week ago. I had just came off the pill and we ended up kissing a few days ago but nothing came of it. The next day I went back out with my ex which is where I started to get confused. The guy who I had been kissing was also confused between me and my friend.
When me and my new-ish boyfriend started kissing, I don't know why but I just couldn't go further. I realised that it might be because I came off the pill.
Yesterday I got really drunk and ended up kissing the other guy again. He was also now going out with my friend but the disturbing think was I didn't even feel guilty for my friend OR my boyfriend. It felt good though I still wasn't aroused enough for anything else. (I know I was wrong.) Nobody knows about it apart from me, the guy and my other friend who thinks I should tell my boyfriend and my friend but I can't do that.
So, now I am going with my boyfriend who has done nothing wrong and the othe guy is with my friend. I have also noticed he has tried to make me jealous but I don't get jealous. I'm not against them but I want my mind made up.
PS. I don't want people to tell me that I was wrong because I have gathered that I just need answers.
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Postby stellar » Thu May 01, 2003 1:39 am

umm I am slightly confused myself - what exactly is it that you need advice about? I know you don't want to be told you're wrong but it is unfair on both your boyfriend and your friend if the two of you are carrying on like this. You either like somone or you don't, and it isn't fair to mess people around. If you don't want a relationship then you should end the one you are in. If you care for your bloke then you should stop messing around with your friends boyfriend and start paying more attention to your own.
I think you just need to make your own mind up about what you want from this and actively stop doing whatever it is that you don't want. But only you know what that is.
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