Breaking up?

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Breaking up?

Postby poppers » Mon Apr 28, 2003 7:17 pm

just wondered if anyone could offer me any advice, i really dont no what to do whether to stay or finish with my boyfriend. We`ve been together 4 8 months now i know in my heart hes not the one for me but i cant bring myself to finish with him. I tried to split up with him before but he was so upset i felt so terrible that i hurt him i ended up getting back together with him...all the wrong reasons to get back together i know. I am a kind person and i cant bare the thought of hurting someone...Im stuck in a rut I feel like im going to be with him forever just so that i wont hurt him. Hes a lovely guy i wish he wasnt and then i might have a good reason to finish with him any ideas im in turmoil!!!! :-?
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Postby Bubble » Mon Apr 28, 2003 7:26 pm

I'm like you hun, i'm a kind person and i don't like hurting people. I tried to finish with my boyfriend before, but he wouldn't have any of it, thank goodness cos now things are going great.
I think you need to follow you heart, and from what you've written you know what that is.
i know in my heart hes not the one for me

Perhaps you could sit him down, and explain how you feel. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. I can't tell you what to say, but you could say something along the lines of hes not what you want in your life right now, you need some time to yourself.
Best of luck hun, and don't stay with him because he gets upset or forces you, stay with him because you truly want to. x
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Postby littlesteph » Fri May 02, 2003 4:05 pm

i have the same problem as i have been going out with my boyfriend 4 6and a half months and we are really close. we clicked immediately an i can talk to him so well. the only problem is i am an actor and he doesnt understand the feelings behind wot i do.
i fell for sum1 else in a big way during the last production i was in and even tho i dont no wether he likes me as well he has woken me up to doubting my feelings for my boyfriend.
i decided that i was going to split up with him today as i dont think we are as close as we were nd i dont find him really attractive any more.
wen it came to actually saying the words i cudnt and just sat there in silence. we had a really cool conversation and i had fun but all the time it was preying on my mind. i think it might be best to just be friends with himbut i know he's crazy about me and i dont no wether he could cope with that.
i am only 16 an this is my fisrt major relationship.
i still love him but i cant help wondering wether i am still in love with him. (an i really like this other guy!) help!!!! :-?
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