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Is She?

Postby Lost » Thu May 01, 2003 10:18 pm

Hi again, firstly I'd like to thank Kit for replying to my original message, I have another question to ask of you all, I have reasonable suspicion to think my wife is cheating on me, She is always going on Nights out with her "friend" what happens to be a man, I am never asked if I want to accompany her, My family has informed me that they "know" she is having a affair with this man, she's been seen on countless occasions with him and they say she was "very close" to him.
What I have been told is that they were together but then she called off the affair and now he's doing all the chasing, it's always convenient that whenever she go's into town he appears by her side, and she phones me everytime she is out telling me where she is and stuff and that he is with her, she has introduced me to this man as her friend and has tried for me to get to know him, (which my sister says is exactly what she did when she had an affair by trying to get her bf to know him)
I have confronted her about it and she blew up and called my family every name under the sun for interfering but certain things stick into my mind.
It's like she talks to him all the time as soon as she gets home from work over an instant messenger, one day I happened past and seen her type
"turn you light on it's next to the bed" I said how do you know, and she said she guessed (at this point she had supposedly never been to his house) he's always sending her text messages, the other day he asked if she wanted to go out again with him and a few friends from work, she never said yes, then she got a text message saying he had already sorted out her shifts at work so she could go out.
Another thing recently is she's become very secretive about talking to him over the computer, I sat next to her and she told me to go away because it's annoying for me to sit watching what she's doing, what she forgot was that the instant messenger she is using records everything she says and though it goes against me looking I have's tearing me up inside and I need to know, everyone at her work don't think she's having an affair they "know!", it's like the bus driver says they are always getting off together at his stop and says something is going on with them both, when I checked her messenger this came up.

(HIM) **** has been asking again
(Her) asking what?
(Him) about us
(Her) what did she ask?
Him) if we were back on cos the bodylanguage says yes
(Her) what did you say
(Him) said no
(Him) she jst said ok and walked off

At this point I walked into the room and she warned him that I had come in, I don't know what to's killing me inside even thinking about it. She keeps turning up with DVD's that she's wanted and saying "oh I was out with him he bought it and I borrowed it off him" I wouldn't mind but they're excuse the phrase girl films, not something a man would buy for himself.

Thanks for reading and again sorry for dumping my problems off on everyone, it's just I feel I have no one in the world I can talk to, because if she's not having an affair I will taint her name or it will get back to her that I have been asking people for help
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Postby Kit » Thu May 01, 2003 10:30 pm

hi there hun,

this may seem a little strange, but, have you tried confronting him about it? I know you're wife will probably think you're checking up on her, but if he realises that you're watching, maybe he'll back off a bit.

I realise this is going to be hard to do, and if your wife does find out she might be angry with you, however from the way she's acting and from what other people have told you, about what they've seen, I think you've got every right to know for sure.

Try explaining to your wife, that you don't mind her going out with friends but maybe she could tone it down a little bit, spend more time with you, go to the cinema or out for a meal. That way if she is having an affair (and I'm not saying she is for sure), she'll realise what she could lose.

Sorry if this isn't more positive, hun.
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