am i wanting 2 much.

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am i wanting 2 much.

Postby saraha » Thu May 01, 2003 11:41 pm

i am probably being stupid.

my boyfriend is finally being nice to me and respecting me, which is great.
but, well we never go out a such together,
we do see each other one day each week for a few hours.

we cant really do what normal couples do like go out, like see a film or eat out.

well it due to me running a way from my abusive family, he works where i use to work, not far from where my family live and they visit the place regulary.
if they found out about us i know they would hurt him.

also his family dont want him to have a girl friend, due to his past 2 ex's causing them a lot of troble.
he knows i am not like that and i do any thing 4 him.

we also got to becareful because of his sister's mates or his friends finding out about us. As they are not good at keeping their mouths shut.

I have been going out with him 4 11months 2moro :D
but i am starting to get up set about this,
i want a normal relatioship,
it doing my head in as we cant,
aleast not till he gets a transfer a his work and his family claming downing a bit and relising not all the girls he meets are really horrble and evil.

plus it dont look like that is going to happen any time soon.
i know his family is only being prective so i dont belame them.

i am just starting to feel, i am upset, i dont like pretending we are just friends if any 1 sees us together.
this may be normal,
i am probably being stupid.
i have tried talking to him.
he thinks are relationship is great,
but how can it be if we have prend like this.
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Postby Cazza » Fri May 02, 2003 2:22 pm

Well I don't blame you a relationship like that would drive me mad. I love hugging, kissing and I am just generally a touchy feely person. I really understand your frustration. But as you said, its complicated because of both your families, you need to make a serious choice. If you do go out in public both your families could tear you both apart and they relationship could become even more complicated. Or you can hold out until your bf gets a transfer. Try and do things that don't involve going, make eachother romantic meals for 2, rent videos that type of thing. I know how frustrating it must be but if you wanna be with this guy thats the price you'll have to pay, atleast until you can both tell your families
Love Carri-Ann x

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Postby saraha » Fri May 02, 2003 3:16 pm

hi thanx 4 the advice.

the reason why i cant ever tell my parents is that they hurt me physically and mentally most my life.
so they can never no.
they like me being happy and because of this they may hurt my bf.
which i dont want.

i try what you surgest but i dont think it will work as he lives with his parents and i live with other members of my family who, well they dont hurt me physically only mentally.

so i cant even tell them about him.

my bf works full time while i am at college and work part time so we dont have much time together any way. which is a shame.

i guess how i feel is not much of a problem, it just makes me upset and this cause me and my bf to disagree at times.
or i try to explain to him and this upsets him.

i guess just hard for me at times.
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