"...I was worried he was hurt..."

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"...I was worried he was hurt..."

Postby Lisaw » Tue May 06, 2003 12:11 pm

Well to cut a long story short i am going out with this guy Alan he is a bouncer in our town and basically i know all the bouncers he works with due to knowing the head guy (i mind his children) now my bloke was working fri night and was due to come to stay at mine at 11:45 he rang at 11 n said there was a major insident at work n he needed to go make a statement at the cop shop! so he wudnt be bk till about 1ish. Now i was dead worried he was hurt or something like that, but when he got bk he explained but something didnt add up. we were on our way out on saturday and he recieved a phone call from a guy he works with and it was very distant as in 'Yeah mate uh uh' you know what men r like. But he said nothign so i contacted my friend and he went round all the bouncers to find out Alans where abouts on fri night and it worked out he was in a nightclub. so i confronted him n he said that he had to work an extra hour (which worked out to be tru) Bt he put me thru all that worry and told all those lies ut was hard to trust him b4 cuz of his proffession but now i don't trust him at all. This hurts so much i am still with him after he spoke to me n all but im losing sleep bcuz i dont no if i am doin the right thing someone plz reply.
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Postby Cazza » Fri May 09, 2003 3:24 pm

OK Lisa,
I'm really sorry about the situation, I have been in similar situations with my boyfriend, were he would go out, say he would be back for a certain time and didn't then lied the next morning. I am still with my boyfriend now because I had had enough of the worry and enough of the lying. I told him that it had to stop or he could just go find some other mug, and since then it has been fine. All I can say is talk to him, tell him you aren't happy with what has has done and what he has put you thru. If he can't make the effort then you'll have re-evaluate your relationship. No relationship can keep together of one person is lying and putting the other through all that worry!
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