should i end it and start new

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should i end it and start new

Postby buttercup » Sat May 10, 2003 12:09 pm

i got married very young at 20 and really wish i hadnt!! i have a son who is 2 but the whole marriage doesnt feel like love!! my hubby is very controlling he wont even let me out with friends or even leave the house for a few hrs and i resent that!!
then about 5mths ago i started talking to this guy who only works down from me and lives near me so we rand each other and txtd for hrs!! we really connected!! so then we stated seeing each other but he didnt know i was married!! i recently finished it after 5mths!! it was the hardest thing for me!! i really fell in love with him and he with me!! it felt so right!! he was great with my wee boy too which made it even better!!
weve broke up all contact ive destroyed him hes a mess and so im i!! he was the prefect gentleman!! now my hushband knows everything about the affair and wants me still but i feel dead inside when im with him!! theres no passion, happiness or anything!! all i think about is the other guy and dream about him!! but him and i dont even talk now and i hate wal;king past!! help me#
should i leave or what :cry:
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Postby Aldo » Sat May 10, 2003 1:28 pm

unfortunately that is up to you. You have a son and that makes things that much more difficult. Your happiness should come first but your son's future is also in the equation.

I would love to say leave your husband and go with your new love..if it is your new love, how do you not know in 5 more months you will end it with him?

Why not ask yourself why you married your husband in the first place? There must have been something there in the first place? Maybe you should try to rekindle the passion and let things be as wonderful as it was before. It is easy to try and find someone else as soon as a bad patch is about. Try for your son's sake to make things work. This should not be a quick decision.
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