am i looking to deep into this?

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should i have

pushed him away like i did
waited to see where it led then stopped it if it went too far
let it take its course
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am i looking to deep into this?

Postby Jupiter » Mon May 19, 2003 7:50 pm

ok to understand i'll tell the whole story. my boyfriend lives in kent and ilive in Durham. i only see him every 4-6 weeks. we have been dating like this exactly 2 years. i stay at his place in his room. seperate beds. we agreed at the begining of the relationship we would wait until we were ready for sex because it was special and should only be shared between two people in a serious commitment. we're both virgins

but a week ago i was at him place (we're both 19, late starters). we kissed like we always do, at night. the lights were out and everyone was asleep we started to kiss deeply and he pulled himself onto my bed and we were kissing v passionately and we said we should stop soon, we didnt and our bodies were getting a little closer all that was seperating us by now was underwear we agreed to stop again but didnt. then when we got a little bit too close for comfort at the time of night it was especially as we didnt have any protection i told him to go to bed almost pushing him off me. he said ok and he went to sleep/ he wadnt upset, he understood.

the thing is that i was all ready to talk about it in the morning but when he said nothing i didnt either a similar thing happened in the morning and his mum knocked on the door for us to get up so we didnt talk i chickened out of talking to him about it. i want sex but am scared that if i told him he would think i was trying to pressure him. should i talk o him about it or wait for it to happen again and should i go on the pill just in case. pls write back i need advice.

pls, pls, pls write to me, thanks
Jupiter (and yes thats the real name, i'm a girl, wierd parents what can i say)
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Postby danielle » Tue May 20, 2003 10:03 am

well i think u was very responsible! u had no protection and u stopped it.
but i do think u seem to be in a very serious relationship and if things are starting to get hot in the bed room sometimes then u should prepare urself by the pill or a condom but remember the pill isnt working at its best for a month of taking it if u was thinking of doing it just just on the pill.
i think u should use both.and remember only u know when ur ready!
as for ur b/f i think u should ask him if he is ready, he might be thinking the same thing about u.

talk to each other and be safe!
i hope ive helped abit
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Postby Foxy136 » Tue May 20, 2003 2:05 pm

I think that you should talk to him about this. He obviously really likes you to have kept up a long distance relationship for this length of time and he might be feeling the same as you.

If you talk to him and he feels the same then you can plan for the right time, plan protection and make it really special. When your talking to him though make sure he knows that if he isnt ready thats fine by you too.

Im sure thta talking to him will resolve this and you seem pretty commited to each other so Im sure even if you dont want the same right now you will be able to wait for each other. Also If you are both ready you will be able to make it really special. Its definatly bette4r to talk to him about it before you do anythign drastic like start taking the pill.

Good luck.
Love rea xx
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My advice...

Postby Cat Queen » Wed May 21, 2003 8:34 pm

Very responsible Jupiter! You BOTH seemed interested in sex at that moment, but yes hun, protection is needed. I`ve been on the pill everyday since I was sixteen,Im now 21! :wink: It does take time to be 99% effeciant, as that is all it can be. I think the others are right, use both, so when u BOTH are ready, there`s no stress about pregnancy etc. You seem to be really serious about each other, and have lasted the distance and time of seperation. :D Talk to him about it, he seems to be feeling the way you do!Good luck hun! :wink:
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