Time 2 move on

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Time 2 move on

Postby Tazzer » Sat May 31, 2003 3:28 pm

I have been split from my ex boyfriend for almost 9 months now. Although i still have an incredible amount of feelings left for him and my legs go weak at the knees when i see him, i wouldn't go back to him. I get so jealous when i see him with another girl, and i cant help but be nasty to the girl he's with. Any ideas on how to get rid of my jealousy and move on?? I have also been seeing a married man, i went out with him before he got married, and though i try and stop it i cant. He tells me he still loves me and i am still keen on him. He says hes going to leave his wife but if he did i don't think i would want to be with him, i can't keep going on like this with my love life. Ive lost an incredible amount of weight since i split from my ex and my drinking is getting stupid, help! :cry:
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Postby primalsurfer » Sun Jun 01, 2003 12:01 pm

Love can be tough at timnes and when it goes wrong it can take along time to get over. Time unfortuneately is the only cure. You know you'd never get back with him so take that into account when ever you see him, maybe that'll help with the jealousy.

As for being nasty to the girls he's seeing, the "if i can't have him no one can" attitude isn't very attractive. and if you want to get over him then you've got to get over that too.

Married guy.... dodgey territory here, if he was seeing you before he got married and then married someone else chances are he just wants his cake and to eat it too. Given you wouldn;t want to have any serious relationship wioth him should he leave his wife, thats best ended swiftly.

Take a bit of time out, enjoy being sigle and get you head around what you want, you have picked uyp on the not so appealing parts of your current love life, try and figure out how to steer away from those relationships in the future.

Loss of weight - if it's getting tot he unhealthy stage then you need to do something about it, maybe a trip to your gp, or a counsellor?

Drinking - Well drinking though it numbs the senses for a while is not a solution to your problems, and it will usuaully generate more. Plus it costs a fair bit and if you are exceeding your limits then you're more than likely not feeling very well the next day. Is it worth it?

Life can get very complex at times, and all seem a little overwhelming at times, however like any problem it can be broken down into smaller parts that are easier to deal with, and at the end of the day it comes down to two choices... do I? or don't I?

Though it might not seem like it at times you are in control of your life and you can turn it around for the better.

good luck :D
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