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in love with someone i cant be with-religion/family barriers

PostPosted: Sat May 31, 2003 4:37 pm
by cheekychick
I need some advice!!! Ok i met someone over the net...he's older at 39 and i'm 23. The thing is we have met several times, we chat all the time and txt eachother often.....but i can't be with him eventhough we have fallen in love. The reason being i'm a muslim (he's christian) and it clerly states that a muslim lass is forbidden to marry/be with a non muslim...(although it's ok for a muslim guy to date/marry who he wants) and my family will be gutted if i took things further (although they dont know that he exists).....Regardless of everything i just can't imagine my life without him.......what shall i do?..Pls somebody help!!!!!!

PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2003 4:58 pm
by Mr.L
romeo n juliet?

PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2003 6:56 pm
by Llisa
HI hun,
I myself am a born again Christian, so I kind of know where your guy is coming from on this one. These types of situations are always really tricky, since there are so many factors involved...but here's my advice. Have you ever considered converting? I'm sure that your boyfriend must have told you all about his belief system. Is there any interest there on your part? Are you a full fledged Muslim ho does all of your prayers at the appointed times during the day, and follows all of the rules? Or are you looking for something more meaniful for you? If that's the case, then I suggest telling your family about your guy, and take it from there. However, this will cause a rift in your family, and it's very true that they might alienate you. So what you have to think about is how importnat this guy, and your faith is to you, and make your decision based on that. I don't envy your position in the least, but you have to play with the hand that you deal yourself. Best of luck to you...I'll be praying for you

PostPosted: Wed Jun 04, 2003 10:38 am
by Bubble
My ex boyfriend was a Muslim, and i am a christian. He is the only guy i've ever loved, and we were together for 2 years. Basically arranged marriage for him was always on the cards, although he convinced me he wouldn't leave me ever. In the end, he was shipped off to Bangladesh for six weeks to find a wife. :cry: Completely broke my heart. I'm over it now, but my point is that he chose his family over me, and although i couldn't see it at first, i know that i wouldn't be able to live without my family, as he would have had to have done if he had stayed with me. However my family would never have made me have to choose as they have my happiness at heart and our cultures are different. So the best thing to do hun is follow your heart. If you feel that your love is strong enough with this man, then go for it, perhaps your family would accept it!? But don't do anything if you have doubts. I think you should be 100% sure first. My ex tells me if he could go back, he wouldn't have gone through with the wedding, now, where is that time machine.....