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in desperate need of advice

PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, 2008 7:12 pm
by lilcutie
im straight but i seriously think im in love with my best girl friend. in the last few weeks of this term of university we have grown really close and i ended up revealing tht i liked her. since that day we became inseperable, spending most days hanging out with eachother, hugging and kissing and staring into eachothers eyes.

however, it tears me up because shes in love with somebody else who she says isn't emotionally involved with her. yet she slept with her over the weekend and i feel totally horrible because i hate that shes involved with me but cannot fully become involved with me because shes in love with someone else who i cannot stand. when i found out today that she had slept with her i could not hold back tears any longer and have spent most of today in bursts of tears because i cannot imagine my life right now without her by my side.

she tells me tht i mean so much to her and that as much as she doesnt want to give us up she doesnt think its fair on me..

what the hell do i do about this? do i keep fightng? or do i accept i am fighting a losing battle and find someone else who i will be number one with.?

shes just so amazing and i dont want to lose her

please help me

Pleeeeese stick to one thread for this problem, hun! :)