what the best way to tell some one u love em?

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what the best way to tell some one u love em?

Postby midnite » Sat Jun 14, 2003 8:55 pm

ok i been wid my bf for almost a year.
i have told him through letters and txt messages.
that i love him.
i been worried to tel him to his face,
i no it sound stupid.
i been hurt alot in the past by blokes and other people and was worried that i be rejected.

i kinda finally got the guts to tell to his face.
just not sure on the best way to tell him.
some thing simple but effective i guess.

any one got any ideas as i dont really,
i probably only do something stupid any how.
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Postby emma_leigh_2003 » Sat Jun 14, 2003 10:02 pm

Ok i had this problem when i first wanted to tell my boyfriend i loved him to his face. But in the end i just told him straight out while we were in mid coversation over something that wasnt even relevent to what i said :D . I mean you could tell him in loads of different way's, like if you are just sitting together watching tv, having a laugh while your out, over a romantic meal or even while in a passionate situation. Hope this helps (even if it's only a little). But remember never feel like you can't tell him to his face, if your comfortable with him you should be able to tell him anything
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Postby Llisa » Sun Jun 15, 2003 4:00 am

HI hun,
that's a difficult question, it's different for everyone! Has he ever said that he loves you to your face? If he has, or if he does, it's so much easier nad nicer to respond with a dreamy "I love you too". I'll tell you how I first told my first boyfriend that I loved him. We lived very far apart...like, about 20 hours apart, so we didn't get to see eahc other very often. After a weekend visit, I was feeling particularly down becuase I couldn't see him, and I really missed him. I was talking to him on the phone afterwards, and I just said, "you know doll, there were a couple times during the weekend that i wanted to say something to you, but I was kind of scared too, and I had always wanted to hear you say it first." I kind of heard him laugh on the other end, and he said "yeah...I feel the same way. You have to know, (insert my name), that I do love you." And then I classically said bakc to him... "I love you too (insert his name)". It all depends on the situation and the circumstance. Go with what feels best for you hun, and best wishes.
Will be praying for you
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