what is the point of being in a relationship

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what is the point of being in a relationship

Postby crasygurl » Thu Jun 19, 2003 3:33 pm

each time i am in a relationship i get hurt.
most my ex's cheated on me, left me for other women, one beat me and another tried to rape me.

and this is what my current relationship is like at the moment.

i been with a guy 4 a year.
month 1 = we spend 4 hours 2 gether when we meet.
which is great.
month 2 = bf busy so we only see each other 4 1-2 hours
i wait and hope it get better
only prob is i have fallen in love with him
month 3-6 = he ask for some money and once he cum(while doing it)
he goes.
i cant help wondering why i keep letting this happen.

i have no family and friends that love me or care about me me
he all i got.
so i guess that the reason.

months 7-8 he spends a bit more time with me and seams to chat and care about me,
hich is great shame he did sooner.

month 9- he only sees me 4 5-10 mintues he ask 4 money and then gotta go. i wonder what the hell wrong with me.
i explain how i feel he says i am paranoid.
i complain about the way he treats me and he just says he make it up 2 me.

10 - 12 he being a lot nicer to and seams to finally care about e.
until he tells me besides that he loves me,
he wants to in the future marry a walsh girl.

i decide to dump him.
as i had enough.
but he wont let me,
he claimes he really cares about me and we can work it out and he wont marry a walsh gurl or dump me for any one else.
it me he like and e.t.c

ever since that chat he now avoiding me.
i know longer see the point or ever being in a relationship.
the blokes just mess me around
it a shame thoough as he the only one i really could get close to and sorta trust.
till now
i wish i didn't love him
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Postby stressed » Fri Jun 20, 2003 9:10 am

some men are like that . believe me i no, i no sayin this mite make me sound like a get around but ive neva dumped a boy and ive been with quite a few. move on with your life, mr rite is out there somewere! and he will teat you rite! good luck write to me in my inbox if you want
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Postby crasygurl » Sun Jun 22, 2003 6:42 pm

i really starting to hate my self.

the bloke i was currently dating as the only one i manage to get close to,
he help me get over most the abuse i have recieved from most blokes,
my family and people i though were me mates.
i never felt safe around any one but him b 4.
or been able to really trust any b 4 till i met him.

i really loved him.
i dont know why he is avoiding me.
last time we chatted he couldn't wait to meet me again.

i cant get him out of my head.
i was going to tell him how i really felt about him when we next see each other.

i have lost all my confidence.
i know i got to move on with my life,
but i have no one to talk to,
and i still really love him.
i am really confused.
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