im in love with a boy i cant have :(

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im in love with a boy i cant have :(

Postby teenager with problems » Tue Jun 24, 2003 6:48 pm

hey, im in love with a boy who i cant have this is the prob.... my class theres a boy who i flirt with and means alot to me i fancie him loadz and ive fallen in love with him(and im sure its love!)Hes going out wiv a girl for 3 weeks and those three weeks have been the eqivalant of hell for me, watchin them all luvy duvy in the corridor. However we went on a daytrip to stratford recently and there were 7 coaches me and him were on one and his girlfriend was on anufa, he sat behind me and my m8 and he started to flirt with me again (like he did when he wasnt going out with anyone) by saying 'i love u' and things of that nature. I though he waz messing about so i answered wiv 'i love u 2'. Then it got more perosnal he put his arm around the chair and around mi on to my stomach, the feeling was so mutual and there was chemistry between us, i was messing bout wiv him gain and we held hands all the way to stratford. I was so happy but i couldnt help feeling guilty for his girlfriend at the same time but i knew they werent serious though. We talk all the time on msn and i promised him my first kiss im positive im in love with him but im not sure wot to do wether to flirt with him or is he messin bout with me cus his girlfriend wasnt there and he wants me to fanci him, i dunno but i need some advice soon before it gets more in the way of my life i cant stop thinking bout him plz help :oops:
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Postby what_is_life » Wed Jun 25, 2003 2:04 pm

Hey, its too bad you think your in love with him if he has a girlfriend

But think about it, if he's willing to betray his Girlfriend for a bit of flirting and to probably feel good about himself, then what makes you so sure he wouldn't betray you if you were his girlfriend?

Me. x
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