finally got together wih her but shud i stay plese help!

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finally got together wih her but shud i stay plese help!

Postby bigdoyve » Wed Jun 25, 2003 10:29 pm

hey everyone finally i got together with this girl who is 15 and i am 18 after severel weeks of not being sure about our age gap although i really liked her. since weve been together ive grown to like her more and more, but this evening from some txt messages she sent me i think she might be wanting to finish things. id just like to point out that she hasnt said anything like that but its just a felling i have. now if she does i dont understant it as she has liked me for over 7 months, even when i told her to leave me alone she still continued to txt and call me, for which i am so pleased now. i feel that i am quite an insecure person when it comes to relationships as ive had that many that have gone bad what should i do should i stay with her and wait till she finishes me or should i just end it now?
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Postby stressed » Thu Jun 26, 2003 9:35 am

well you have said yourself she hasnt said the words "i want to finish it" so she may just be sayin things to no how you feel, so stay with her and if your still worried about it ask her there is probebly a good explaination for this! dont worry!!
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Postby mixed up chick » Sat Jul 05, 2003 7:55 pm

hey u definately shouldn't dump her. even though writing this now may be too late. my friend had the same problem as you this boy kept asking her out and she did like him but he had a bit of a reputation. So in the end she went out with him and when she felt that he was going to break up with her she dumped him. Afterwards though he told her that the only reason he was being so queit was because he was nervous because he wanted to tell her that he loved her. Luckily when she explained he took her back. So it turned out okay but your girlfriend might not be the same. Well like i said this letter is probably too late and you've already decided what to do. So i hope it turned out okay and that you and your girlfriend are still together.
mixed up chick

Postby Llisa » Sun Jul 06, 2003 9:45 pm

HI hun,
She could be getting the feeling that one of my boyfriends got. He pursude me for three years...I always thought that he was a nerd and I didn't really like hm very much. But he eventually won me over and we started dating. He was REALLY insecure about the relationship to begin with...he thought that I was only dating him on a dare or soemthing, since I'd been avoiding him for such a long time. So this could be what your girlfriend's going through. Don't dump her though...wait it out nad see how she feels. Talk to her about it too! It'll help! best of luck.
Will be praying for you
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