Bein muckd bout

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Bein muckd bout

Postby mixed up chick » Thu Jun 26, 2003 5:29 pm

I wnt tell u the whole story bt basically me and this boy rlly liked each other bt i didnt wanna go out wiv him so he decided he wld try 2 ask this girl he has fancied for bout 5 years out again, but she doesnt like him at all. Now i realise i have rlly strong feelins 4 him

I dnt wanna go out wiv him cos i knw it wldnt work and i dnt wanna hurt him bt i dnt knw how 2 tell him dis other girl dnt like him at all. If i tell him dat he'll jst fink dey i dnt want him 2 go out wiv dis girl which is kinda true bt dats not y im doin it. She flirts wiv him all da time bt its obvious 2 c dat she doesnt fancy him. Evry1 in da class cn c it bt dey dnt wanna tell him. I dnt knw wot 2 say 2 him dat will make him c she is jst stringin him along. I tried b4 bt he thought i jst hated da girl and he tld me nt 2 speak bout here in da way. Please help.
I really dnt want 2 c him either get hurt or get stringed along for years.
mixed up chick

Postby what_is_life » Fri Jun 27, 2003 1:11 pm

First of all please do not type anymore in short style because when i read it, yeah, i cn only c a tow-nie sayn it, yeah, follow? innit; a-herm sorry.

No what you need to do is tell it to him straight, that there only takin' the p*ss and make sure you give him advice about next time she does it to repond negatively and not to say anything, if he looks like he's enjoying it it'll only make people laugh at him more.

Its better if he knows sooner rather than later!

Good Luck Me.
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Postby mixed up chick » Tue Jul 01, 2003 6:29 pm

well i had decided not to tell the guy but after i read your message i decided to go for it. i dragged him to a quiet corner and told him. luckily he believed me and actually gave me a kiss for being such a great friend (lucky me!!!) Anyway we were talking yesterday and he told me that really he had gone off of her a while ago but just kept it up. It sounded stupid to me but he was telling the truth. anyway me, him and a group of friends decided to go to the cinema. After that some people had to go in and we had time to talk and he told me that he realised that he was in love with someone else ( i started to get annoyed cos i like him) then he said it was me. i thought it wouldnt work between us and i told him that but he said that he would make it work. Now were going out and it's perfect. Plus the other girl asked him out today and said sorry for mucking him around and he said no right to her face then walked over to me. It was brilliant!! I just have to say a BIG thanx cos if you hadn't told me to go for it i wouldn't be with him and i really think were gonna be together for a long time! yeh!
mixed up chick

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