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I dont want to hurt my friend

Posted: Tue Jul 15, 2003 6:57 pm
by mixed up chick
The problem is there's this boy. (surprise, surprise!) He fancies me and my friend and he doesnt hide that from either of us. He asked me out but i dont know him that well so i said no. then he asked my friend out, now he's waiting for her answer. We both said to him that we want to get to know him better but at the moment he's being a bit shy. Today i was talking to him alot and i have really started to like him, and i think he's really starting to like me too. The thing is now my friend says that she really likes him. At the moment he likes us both exactly the same and he doesn't mind at all which of us goes out wiv him. I really like him but my friend has really fallen for him. i dont want to hurt her and go out with him but she doesnt mind going out with him because she doesnt know that i like him. Any advice would be really good, but please no one tell me to tell my friend that i fancy the boy because i just cant. plz no one tell me to tell her!!

Posted: Tue Jul 15, 2003 7:30 pm
by misatok11
This problem is very similar to the one that my friend is going through at the minute. Ther are two people that you need to talk to. Your friend and the boy. You need to tell the guy how you feel about him and tell your friend how you feel about him.
At least this way you are being honest about it and it will probably save a lot of heart ache in the future.
Whereabouts are you from anyways as this is spookily familiar?

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2003 12:53 pm
by Em_L
I agree with misatok11. You need to tell this boy that you like him and tell your friend this too. She may even be happy for you, and if she is upset then you should both agree not to see him unless he states which one he likes more. Either way you should be happy for each other.

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2003 6:22 pm
by mixed up chick
Well me and my friend were having a chat today and now she knows exactly how i feel about him. She didnt seem to mind so i was really relieved. The boy i like knows how i feel as well, we were all joking around today and i told him. Now things aren't going anywhere. I still cant go out with him cos im not gonna do that to my friend. I dont have any idea what to do now. I think though that she doesnt care if she goes out wiv him or not cos she probably thinks that i dont like him that much. i did tell her exactly how i feel but she must think i dont like him as much as her because i dont go on about him like she does all the time. i have no idea what to do. She really likes him. Oh and today me and him were getting quite close and i felt so bad when she saw, but she doesn't seem to care when she tells me that she's going to sit near him and hug him. Im definitly not going to hurt my friend even though she doesn't seem to care . im not going to do that to her, but i dont think i can face seeing her hug and kiss him all the time. I have no idea what to do. i dont know how she can do this to me when i have evn told her that it would hurt me. but i am never going to go out with him whilst she fancies him.Its really hard!!