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Having a doubt

Posted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 6:18 pm
by miaow
Been with my fella for just over 4 yrs now, and last year he never wanted to go on holiday? He loves his job, but my job to me is just a job; don't hate it don't love it. Anyhow - he thinks when I take a week off work as annual leave that is a holiday. He forgets that I do all the house cleaning (he is happy to live in a tip but im not), all his washing, walking dogs, food shopping, chores etc etc. If there is any free time left after all the cleaning, dog walking or food shopping everyone else is at work so it's lonely. We ended up going away to Spain at new year which was lovely, but we did lot of trekking about so it was quite tiring.

Now Ive found a cheap holiday to italy, and he wont book it saying (as he did last year) leave it till last minute I dont know what will be happening with work. Can I just add that last year he did a charity drive around europe with his mates for 10 days in the september. He is doing it again this year.

At the minute I am furious with him. I was so mad on Friday I ended up going straight to bed after work, I didnt think Id be able to control my temper if I saw him.
Am I being unreasonable and too organised? Am I pressuring him into going away with me? I dont want to go with friends for the rest of my life, I want to go with the person I am with. When we have been places in the past it has always got to be catered to his tastes, he would never go america or ibiza. I'm just feeling down, and angry.

Thoughts please? x