Is my girlfriend cheating? if so what do i do

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Is my girlfriend cheating? if so what do i do

Postby Deathtothepixies » Tue Nov 18, 2014 1:13 am

Alright guys i have an issue.
im in a long distance relationship with my gf. i see her at least once sometimes twice a month. in december we'll be celebrating our year anniversary. she lives with my best mate in uni accomadation

now here lies the problem.

we split up about 4 weeks back, got back together 2 weeks later.

my best mate came home and we had a few drinks he said he had to tell me something.
on halloween (the anniversary of when we first met) she went out on a works drink do. she let a male friend/collegue as the taxi back to his wouldcos a bomb and theres regular buses in the morning. they came home, got high and went upstairs
now another one of her housemates (who slept with said colleague on a previous occasion) spreading rumours that she heard sex noises coming from her bead room. no one else claims of heard anything..this was right before she split on me, all be it temporarily. she told my best friend about these rumours before he heard to denie it
i spoke about it on the phone to her, she was pretty kl and knew where i was going before i finished my first statement and said admitted a male friend had stayed on her floor (never known her to have a spare mattress but hey) she said the other housemate was spreading jelly to be the centre of attention as usual.
she got a bit funny and said "god forbid i have a friend, im bi-sexual so even if it was a girl this would still be going around".
my gut is telling me to believe her
however still not 100% convinced
otherwise we're stronger than ever, seeing her this week for a long weekend an dd im meeting her parents for the first time.
i want to avoid questioning her further because i dont want to push her away, especially if shes innocent and her girly housemates will protect her no matter what
so how do i get to the bottom of this? with proof one way or another
and if its bad, how do we get past this
i know she loves me, and i love her, thats without question on both sides
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Re: Is my girlfriend cheating? if so what do i do

Postby Bel Bel » Thu Nov 20, 2014 12:24 pm

Unless you have proof i wouldn't believe stupid rumours. People have their own agendas for spreading lies and also people love to gossip and exaggerate things

She said he slept on the floor not on the spare mattress

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