Need some advise please..............

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Need some advise please..............

Postby pjl40 » Sun May 10, 2015 6:04 pm

Been with my boyfriend for 2 yrs now, he moved in about 3 months after seeing each other and was really happy then things changed, he use to have a drink after work when i met him and this went on as it was just a pint or 2. He then asked me to marry him which I sed yes and we started planning the wedding (which is meant to be November this yr) but the last few months he has got worst drinking more and more to the point of not coming home till the early hours, but when he's drunk he nasty, calling me for everything and saying its over hes going to move out, but the next day he says sorry and goes back to normal till the next time.
Then the other day he came home and we started arguing and he bought my kids into it, insulting them, saying my daughter isnt welcome in the house (she lives with her dad) and that my son is a little selfish weirdo that needs sorting out. Well I didnt stand for that and spoke back defending us all and thats when it happen got me by the throat and smashed my head against the window. Since then he has been really sorry and sed he is ashamed of himself and because of what he has done its all over and he will move out.
So this is what I need advise on, today he came home saying he has found a flat and will be out by thursday, which is great then he started bringing up my ex and that i will probably go back to him and when I challenged back telling him to grow up and that I cant wait for him to move out, he sed he's not going until I have paid him back all the money he's paid out on the wedding.....................told him i dont owe him anything as I have paid just as much as him for the wedding and his words were Im not going anywhere until i get it and then started to threaten me that if i speak back to him he will break my jaw.
I feel scared in my own house, I feel sick all the time, I cant even talk in my own house and I tell my son to creep around so not to disturb him so he doesnt start on him. I just dont know what to do, I havent got the money to give him and i dont see why I should. Please help what should or can I do?????
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Re: Need some advise please..............

Postby Bel Bel » Mon May 11, 2015 10:32 am

Change the locks when he is out and report him to the police so they have it on file what he has done. I would even apply for a protection order.
Tell him to take you to small claims court for the money
He won't do it and he won't get anything back even if he did
You must protect yourself and your children
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