Why are women so hard to understand?

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Why are women so hard to understand?

Postby OrionGiant » Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:12 am

Hi all

Please Help!!

So I met this women several months ago, we hit it off well and had a great connection, then one night I met her in the pub, and relised she was way to drunk to get herself home so decided to take myself and asked a friend to help me, upon putting her to bed she asked me to sleep with her, I refused (not cos I did not want to, but out of respect for her drunkenness and didn't want her to wake up the next day regretting anything,) as it was she left the room and joined me under the duvet on the sofa. However nothing happened.

We met up many time since, going out drinking and shes really touchy feely, and makes many compliments about me, I understand her to love my company, and our lips have brushed several times when drunk.

Now I know she has a boyfriend, I know he is the controlling type from what she says, and I know she really loves spending time with me, as she is always trying to get my attention and we spend 3 evenings a week together, days, weekends ect with each other.

Last weekend was different though, we went away together as always, and I decided to follow all my friends advice and come on to her, I touched her bum and although she didnt complain the first time she eventually said that it belonged to her feller. she looked at me and said "I like you a lot, but my bum, breasts and genitals are his, you can touch, hold any other part of me"

Now that is fair, I thought, she up front, but I got very drunk and my hands did some wandering, to the point of working my hand up from her knee, to thigh and then groin, she again told me no, and told me to stop being weird, that she feels safe with me and to stop, so I did. I asked her where is to far, and she put my hand at the top part of her thigh, next to her knickers, and was like this is what too far is - how much of a tease is that I am thinking.

Anyway, we go home to our own homes, and I wake up feeling well guilty, thinking I have lost a friend, and I so need to apoligise, and give her a call, I am so surprised by what she said that I am so confused right now.....

She told me not to worry, she had a great time, I did absolutely nothing wrong, it was all innocent fun, and she cant wait for us to go out again on our own soon, so much so that we are away again at the weekend, I seriously thought I went way way way too far, I did other stuff which I have neglected to mention IE talking dirty, telling her what I wanted to do sexually with her, I think I even tried to snog her, to which she pushed me back.

But what is this women, is she a tease, a good friend, a flirt, what, I am so confused please, help, my friends thinks shes a harlot and toxic, but I have no clue - if I behaved like that with other female friends I would have got a slap for sure or they would not be talking with me any time soon.

Any comments or criticisms will be appreciated.

Kind regards

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Re: Why are women so hard to understand?

Postby Tarantula » Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:38 am


This isn't hard to understand at all. Actually it's your behaviour I find hard to understand.

She has a boyfriend. Doesn't matter that he's controlling or whatnot. She has a boyfriend. Honestly, do you eat half-eaten burgers off other peoples' plates, too?

She's giving herself a bad name, and stringing you along for the ego boost/escape/quick fix. This is so far away from 'friendship' come on, stop kidding yourself.

Sounds like she ain't got much to offer so is flashing her flesh around the town 'cause she knows it'll get attention. She needs to sit down and sort herself out, either get right with her boyfriend or leave him. Probably, he's another basket case too.

You say you have 'no clue' but I think that's the p talking; you do have a clue, you know exactly what's going on. You want in, but there will be consequences later on that could be anything from her regretting it to her boyfriend showing up at your house with a shotgun so, please, desist.

Plenty of other available women out there.
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Re: Why are women so hard to understand?

Postby David020549 » Fri Jul 10, 2015 3:51 pm

Because the are women.
If you live to 190 you will never understand them, the best you will ever do is to know what they like ( most of the time ).
Seriously, forget this one there are plenty of nice girls out there looking for a nice guy. How many times do she gave to say no, find a girl that values you company.
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Re: Why are women so hard to understand?

Postby flashcampbell » Fri Jul 17, 2015 12:17 pm

I think she is flirtatious and likes your attention because she's not very happy with her boyfriend but that's where it ends and she has made it very clear by what she says, in my opinion. I think she probably enjoys the fact that you fancy her like mad even though she doesn't fancy you back but she is trying to set boundaries by telling you where to touch and where not to touch.

If I were you, I'd not touch her anywhere at all and just treat her as a friend - even if she invites you to do so - and perhaps look to cutting back on contact altogether as I don't think this friendship is particularly healthy for either of you.
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