Awkward issues on relationship

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Awkward issues on relationship

Postby Monkeycheese » Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:24 pm

I will try and keep it short and to the points that are of a major concern to me although it is a very long story! Ok me and boyfriend have been together just over 3 years I thought we grew naturally into a relationship and he would always say he didn't want anything to heavy right now but we acted like a proper couple. I wild so anything for this guy from day one but over time felt a bit like it was never returned. Is get him cards and presents for special occasions and is just get a text as he said he doesn't do cards.... I'd hint like mad but nothing changed and I even took him to Amsterdam for his birthday! Well over time I stopped doing so much but a year into it I lent him about £1200. This is 2 years ago and he hasn't had a stable job since bit said at the time he would repay me. Fast forward to now I've asked a fair few times for bits to be repaid and it's getting embarrassing now as no attempts are being made. That is awkward issue number one as I really need the money now due to my position which leads on to issue two. Last year after 2 years of being together I found out I was pregnant. He was totally hissed off and said I deceived him and it was all my fault. We don't live together and since discovering the pregnancy we grew apart as I was constantly tired and unable to do much like travel to see him like I used too etc he never came to appointments and subsequently never came to the labour even though we sort of seen each other during the 9 months as I just kept giving him time to get used to the idea. Baby is now 7 months old and it's low I am still waiting for him to man up. I have bought and done everything for the baby and even put up his cot whilst I was a tank. He isn't consistent with visits but has gotten better as he now wants a serious relationship!! Typical as now I feel put off from him now as I have been faithful he whole time and now he decides he wants t be committed when I'm not so keen as I feel like I'm used to being the single parent. Respect to anyone who has read this much as I did say it wouldn't be long! But basically that's the major things, I want my money back but he doesn't financially help with baby and makes it clear he's broke anyway and secondly how can I get rid of the resentment from the events of dealing with pregnancy and labour alone and going so far with the baby single handedly??? It's become such a turn off when I used to be so in love with this guy.
Just Landed
Just Landed
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Re: Awkward issues on relationship

Postby Tucco » Fri Jul 10, 2015 8:50 am

To be honest do you really need anyone to tell you the obvious? The guy is a lowlife, you need to cut all ties with him even if that means losing out on the money he owes you. In reality you can only expect the following from him, 1 to be constantly let down, 2 for your child to be constantly let down, 3 for him not to repay you and more likely to sponge more money from you.

As a guy I am staggered by anyone who would not want to be part of their childs life, including supporting the Mother by attending hospital appointments etc.
This is a one way ticket to appearing on Jeremy Kyle, you need to stay well away from this guy.

Good luck.
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