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using me

Postby pebblyxx » Wed Aug 26, 2015 5:46 pm

I met a guy from a dating site over a year ago, slepted with him and thought he wanted more than sex but didnt so i didnt bother with him again. He sent a massage on the site two months ago and we met up again and it was just for sex. I have saw him twice this month, he said he missed me and im sexy. He asked if i went out at the weekend and when i was back in work. I asked him what he got up to and went to his place.
he usually gets intouch every 3 to 4 weeks. we had sex he doesnt hug or kiss me, never gives me oral but expects it from me he doesnt want sex in the bedroom just on the couch and wants its over he says, am i using the bathroom. He made himself something to eat ate it in front of me and last time he offered me something this time he didnt so i thought what a asshole he was and told myself that would be the last time i ever saw him after doing that. I said were was mine and he asked if i wanted some, he gave me one slice of pizza, he said i dont ask him to mine or give him food or drink, i had to ask for some lager because he didnt bother to offer me a drink. i told him my children are at home so he cant come to mine and told him he as no respect for me and its just sex. I told him i dont want sex every couples of weeks and i want it more and he will have to treat another girl better than me. So when he gets intouch what do i say to not get used by him again, i find him attractive but hate the way he treats me which is like a piece of meat. When i stopped seeing him before he got back intouch i told him i wasnt interested and called him all the names under the sun, he responded saying i want his penis and what things he would do to me sexually, he didnt seem to be bothered what i said.
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Re: using me

Postby rufio89 » Wed Aug 26, 2015 6:22 pm

Tell him to f-off!! This guy's treating you like jelly! Seriously, even telling him where to go is more than he deserves, just ignore him!
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Re: using me

Postby David020549 » Thu Aug 27, 2015 7:04 am

What an ignorant moron, just block him on phone, email and anything else you use, don't speak to him at all it will only make you more angry.
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Re: using me

Postby Tarantula » Thu Aug 27, 2015 8:08 pm

This guy knows you'll say whatever you're gonna say, but ultimately still put out. He knows he's got you. He knows he doesn't have to treat you with respect.

We can slander him into the small hours, but the more important issue is, why are you allowing yourself to be treated this way?

Read back over your post and imagine what you would think if it was your friend, sister, DAUGHTER in that position. What would you tell her? To stay trying with him because maybe he needs time to realise how good she is?

He's had the time, and has concluded that you're worth nothing more than a convenient lay when HE feels like it. Don't allow yourself to be that girl anymore.

You gotta look deep into the reason why you're in this situation. I'm guessing they go much deeper than just this random guy.

Next time he calls, don't respond. Don't tell him how angry/upset you are because all he'll be hearing is 'I care so much, please love me.' It's not a good look.
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