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Why The Age Prejudice and Discriminationw.celebritydiscodave

Posted: Sat Nov 07, 2015 11:24 am
by Celebritydiscodave
I`m a male of sixty years, "real age" thirty, and she`s of twenty three years, her real age being thirty. Nineteen out of twenty relationships fail, so what`s the big issue here? Nothing of course is known of any individual merely on account of the time elapsed since their birth, this including their age/how much they have aged. We don`t fancy each other sexually, but where is it written that the love stemming from perfect empathy in an environment of truly unconditional friendship is inferior to that love sustained by animal acts? - The difference is in the characteristics of the love emotion. One has the capacity for absolute support under every last circumstance, and the other requires almost as much support as it provides. It`s not difficult to accept where the most self-love is to be discovered. Self-love plays the same tune as true love for most of the time. It is only when love is ultimately tested that one can be entirely certain of its nature, selfless/genuine, or otherwise. Most love is very far from being genuine. Age disparity in and of itself plays absolutely no part.
NB Real age is arrived at through a measure of the actual biology of an individual.

Young women, nowadays referred to as "girls" are constantly after accommodation here, I`m a "refuge", come place of sanctuary. Their problems have been almost invariably with guys of around the same age. Being beaten-up by boyfriends is actually very common, and boyfriends within just a few years of their age. Why the constant message that guys of their years are "safe" and older men are "unsafe" - Why not train girls to distinguish between different character types instead?