too little too late?

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too little too late?

Post by overthinker » Wed Nov 11, 2015 11:29 pm

OK, so there is this guy ( how cliche haha), basically I have known him for years..went through high school together met in form in year seven and the rest is history as they say. Over the years its been on and off, we have been together and nothing really came of it...over time we have both seen other people. Often he has always said that he would want a relationship, and has dated others to make me jealous, which at first it didn't but over time it kinda begin to play on my mind. We are really close as in I can tell him most things...
As time has gone on, I have been too stubborn to admit my feelings like there is something there, however another thing that has come in to mind is a few months back my self, a friend were on a night out..and we bumped into him and his friends and this girl he was seeing at the time, all night he was flirting with me in front of this girl. I told him to back off and what I thought; it was out of order, he shouldn't be doing it and so on.
Next morning I had several messages off him, and missed calls..I waited a few days to reply and he wanted to talk on the phone long story short, he said how he was sorry and everything the usual, and I was like you know you can't be doing that it's not fair, and he goes well we've been arguing and it's not looking good..moving forward a week or so he breaks things off with her and gets back in touch with me explaining and he says he wants to go on a date...
Since that incident I have kinda just shaken it off and not wanted anything more..or so I thought
He has recently gone to America with the army..and before then he was saying how we should just be friends due to my crappy attitude towards him and to be honest on reflection I should have gone on a date with him and tried to figure things out.
Any way going back to the America thing..we were texting and he said that he gave up and we got into an argument, a couple of weeks later I made peace with him and we are now on good terms, I think?
But he is always on my mind..but that incident in the club is really effecting my opinion of him I know he's always been a bit of a 'ladies man' but that really got to me..I know he is good for me he is a sweet guy, a best friend...but something is just telling me no, or is that just my ego and me being stubborn about it? Or am I just settling for him because I would like a relationship with someone...or am I finally coming to terms with my feelings now that he has completely given up? I really don't want his to continue for another any advice? :-? :-? :-? :-?
Thank you!!!!

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Re: too little too late?

Post by Mrconfused74 » Thu Nov 12, 2015 12:37 pm

I think after so long if it was going to happen it would've. If you're having doubts then it's probably best to not go there. In my experience, when you feel lonely any sort of attention can be seen as something more than it is. What you need to do is step back, reduce contact and concentrate on doing other things, meeting new people etc. I mean how would you feel if you got together and it was a nightmare, what if he flirted with other women in front of you? If he really liked you he'd show you what kind of bf he is by showing respect to his gf in front of you, be polite and focus his attention on her, and talk to you as a friend.

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