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PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 9:52 pm
by KP10
Hey guys and Gals

Right my ex broke up with me 2 years ago in september since then shes dated 3 guys on who she is still with and has be for about 9months ( one of my mates knows her and him as they call went to the same college and he spoke to him when he called her and found out how long they been dating for through general chit chat)

anyway we spoke on and of though out the two+ years and twice i told her i want to be in a relationship with her or not to speak to her. i didn't want to just be friends. despite this she called my about two months ago and we have been seeing and talking on and off since. however since last week we been talking to each other everyday. just normal chit chat.

i have been flirting with her here and there and a few days ago we went for a drive and i was singing a love song to her, she laughed and i said eye contact would good, she said im driving and i asked if you wasn't would you give me eye contact, she said maybe.

Also Im 100 % iv seen her more then she's been seeing her BF, so much so i though they broke up. since last Wednesday iv seen her 4 times. last time was yesterday where she took me to get a car part.

when she 1st messaged me two months ago. she said

hey i know you said we should talk but i really want to be friends and miss talking to you as friends

shes been alot more talkative since Wednesday then she has been since the brake up

i though maybe shes having hard times with her BF. even being xmas she hasn't seen him as i been speaking to her and she said she wanted to give his gift to him but isnt sure if she is going to go as she has family over.

when me and her was together she would always celebrate holidays with me even if she was with family yet i asked her about going out new years eve and she said ill let you know as im deciding,if i should stay home and go out for drinks, spend it with her BF or meet some friends..

i might be over thinking this but when she was with me she would either come out with me or she will take me along where she goes..

she told me he's not sociable and just plays video games, she loves her videos games but also loves going out and cars. all of witch me and her have in common and not just video games

i guess all im asking is i would like her back but DONT NEED HER.

How do i play is without messing up

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2015 3:53 pm
by KP10
Anyone. Was talking last night once again about rubish and she fell asleep. This morning she called me but I didn't pick up as I don't hear it being asleep.

I asked what was up and she said nothing just wanted to see what you was doing

Anyway she getting a part for her car and she's like can you explain how to fit it and I did. She's like it be easier if you fit it so she's coming own tomorrow. I she that's a excuse to see you again so yeah just come over! She laugh and said shut up I said why there nothing wrong in that. She's like as long as it's on a friendly bassis then it's fine. I said we going to have to rediscuss that

Sorry for my bad English. I'm dialect lol

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2015 6:13 pm
by Tarantula
If she has a boyfriend then you need to stay away, as it's not fair on you or the boyfriend.

It sounds like she's leading you on; she knows you want more, however, she has told you several times that she just wants to be 'friends'.

She is playing it all to her advantage.

If I were you, I would stay away. I don't imagine that her boyfriend is happy about you two having this much contact.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2015 6:43 pm
by David020549
Agreed, to you she is just a nuisance and if the current boyfriend is the jealous type it could get nasty. Tell her to stay away and find your own girlfriend. Being friends with an ex always causes problems, even many years in the future.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2015 6:43 pm
by KP10
Iv tried to and she always finds reasons for contacting me and she knows that I didn't want nothing to do with her unless it was a relationship because she said to me mate when she come over the other day that she connected me 1st because Even tho I wanted to do with her.

I'm not sure how things work with her BF but if I was him I'd have words with her for seeing her ex so much.
Or she don't tell him how Often she sees me.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2015 8:20 pm
by Minna
KP. Listen. She loves the fact that you are very attracted to her (come on - you are attracted and she knows you are!).

Speaking as a female who has been in the same situation as her - girl with boyfriend AND a helpful admirer, I have to tell you that she is stringing you along, like a poodle on a lead. Why? - because you let her do it and boy, does it make her feel good.

Imagine if you had a girlfriend you really liked, and another friendly girl kept in touch, who you knew had feelings for you, sang love songs to you and washed your favourite t-shirt for you (sorry, had to think of something similar to you helping with fitting her car part). Wouldn't you be tempted to smile and string her along?? You can't lie - of course you would. Nice to casually boast to friends about her being there for you too?!

She KNOWS you are attracted to her. If she really was interested in going out with you, she would ditch her boyfriend and be with you. No ifs or buts. Sorry, but she wants to be with him.

When she gets in touch, or should you need to contact her, keep it friendly, but just be unavailable from now on.

Please - you're a great guy, you can find someone better than this no-hope user.