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Re: Ladies viewpoint!

Post by spacegirl » Sun Feb 14, 2016 6:32 pm

Mrconfused74 wrote:And Spacegirl thanks for that last line, if anything it made me smile, but for unpublishable reasons I can't say why I feel that way :/
Haha! :oops:

Out of curiosity, what are these traits you look for? "All the traits you like" sounds like a tall order! Sometimes we have to compromise and look beyond our initial impressions. You may be letting the chance for a relationship with someone who is right for you slide! Not that you may not be able to pull a "stunning woman" and of course we all have personal preferences but limiting your options to "stunning" (or "attached") does not set you up very well. I'm curious to know what it is you look for because you do initially express your frustration with women for leaving you for slimmer/ more attractive guys but seemingly are ready to discount women who show an interest in you because you are looking for something better. Please note I am not trying to be critical but am genuinely curious, and perhaps you are missing a trick.

Also you say yourself that you may go for unobtainable women because deep down you know it may not go anywhere. I don't agree with the concept of "leagues" but it sounds like a waste of time and energy to focus on relationships that you don't think will work.
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Re: Ladies viewpoint!

Post by Mrconfused74 » Sun Feb 14, 2016 8:16 pm

I guess the traits, are a listener, someone that makes me laugh, and is a friend as well as a lover. In the past I've had partners that have been one or two but not all. As for the unobtainable, I guess I've been able to get close to them without the thought that it could go somewhere, and as a result have got closer to them, as is the case currently. I know it's not much to ask, and perhaps I've dismissed women in the past because something just wasn't right. Maybe that's come across as me not caring and so I've pushed them away. I don't intentially pursue a relationship with an attached woman it just happened. And maybe I feel more comfortable around them and can be myself, but it also becomes confusing when a woman in that position makes no attempt to let me know it's just friends,
And nothing else when to me it seems quite clear that I like her. I guess like I've also said its the physical side that bothers me, so while nothing's going to happen with an attached woman it makes me feel safer, but I still get that thrill from the flirting! I can see that this won't get me anywhere in a relationship but I feel I've probably got some self esteem to build. Ad don't get me wrong any of the women that flirt or have flirted with me have been very attractive but some are so obvious it's clear what they want, and I can't do that right now :/

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