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Having issue with my bf,trying to join dating show,is it ok?

Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2016 10:56 pm
by lily1120
I saw a TV show called Kissing other people is casting, which is looking for couples who are on rocks, feel like it suits my situation...

I don’t really want a breakup but sometimes feel bored as we don’t know that to do together and end up eating and watching movies.

I think this show could be a good opportunity for both of us to try something new and figure out what to do with ourselves.

But I have never been on a TV show before, not sure if I can do well, what will happen after the show and things like that. the name is quite interesting and the “problematic” couples role seems suit me lol…

The show sounds interesting. Maybe it's an opportunity for me to figure out whether I want to keep going or not? And is there anyone joined this kind of dating reality show before? Any suggestions please!!

Hi, Lily. I've removed the link to the external website; we don't allow them on PP, in case of spam or viruses.

peecee (Admin)