Break up / reconciliation?

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Break up / reconciliation?

Post by Jumpingjesus »

I'll try and keep this as short and simple as I can.

My partner recently ended our relationship after some two and a half years, stating that it just wasn't working for her.
She was keen for us to remain friends so we still kept in touch via text and regular phone calls.
After a couple of weeks she told me that an old girlfriend had suggested that they go away for a short holiday to cheer her up.
We kept in regular contact over the weeks leading up to the holiday, although we had no contact while she was away.
On her return she texted me to say she was home and had a nice time, I asked to see the photos but she then confessed that she had gone away with her ex and not her girlfriend. She insists it was just as friends and nothing happened.
Her ex is in a relationship, so I asked did his partner know he had gone away with you and she said no, she thinks he went away with some male friends.
She also told me that she has told all her family and friends she had gone away with a girlfriend.

Now she tells me she regrets her actions and more than anything wants us to get back together.

I do love her but am totally confused and hurt by the whole situation.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Break up / reconciliation?

Post by Tarantula »

She's a liar and you should tell her ex's poor girlfriend so that she isn't wasting more time.

But that would require some guts. I don't know if you have them?

Of course she and her ex got busy whilst on holiday - to believe anything else would be horribly naive. Think about it. They were together before, so have had sex before. They felt the need to lie to everyone about what they were doing. It was obviously important enough for them to do that.

What do you think they got up to on holiday, whilst necking back a few cocktails and reminiscing over the good old days? Playing scrabble? Nar man, of course they slept together and then, for whatever reason, she realised that the grass wasn't greener. Or maybe he dumped her, so sh's running back to you. Who knows.

She lied about the holiday, so there's nothing stopping her from lying about what went on there.

And by the way, holidays don't just happen spontaneously. They require planning, co-ordination. Which means... she was probably going behind your back with him whilst you were still together. Sorry.

Do not take her back. Get rid of her and find yourself a better woman. And I do think you should tell her ex's partner. Cheating is awful and no one wants to be the mug who didn't know. You would want to know, wouldn't you?

Don't be a doormat for this person, she's not worth it. No more cosy phone calls and being in her options list. It's time to be strong.
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Re: Break up / reconciliation?

Post by Dave777 »

She’s a liar.
Unless it your brother you dont go on holiday with the opposite sex without it getting intimate, it just doesnt happen. No need to be confused, she fancied a fling and was left feeling disappointed because the boyfriend has chosen his wife over her. Steer well clear if you get back together she will do the same again.
It’s silly really because she could have gone without telling you and said nothing, why did she want you to know?, sounds pretty crazy to me.
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Re: Break up / reconciliation?

Post by realadvice »

if you havent yet i would defo tell the girlfriend that her boyfriend has gone on holiday with his ex. surly he should be taking his gf on holiday not his ex....
and as for you i wouldnt give her the time of day she clarely has moved on so so should you. why wait around for someone who clarely isnt thinking of you
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