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Sex problems

Posted: Wed May 27, 2020 5:28 pm
by Biddylouise
Iv been with by boyfriend for 10 years now and we are still great, we are each others best friends and as corny as it sounds we really are. We used to have a great sex life and he used to be trying every second for something but lately.. Past couple of months he hasnt been trying. I'm not used to initiating sex as I usually don't need to and I enjoy knowing he wants me but I got fed up with him not so I decided to start which he seemed just OK about. I ended up telling him how I feel and he assured me he is totally still I to me and things went back to sort of normal. Then the past week he's gone backwards.. We would always have sex on weekend mornings and after a lot of waiting for him to start the past weekend I started things off which he seemed good with until he heard the dog walking about and said will we just leave it until later with the dog in.. This same boy would have previously thrown the dog out and ran back to bed. Later never came he never tried again. Outside of the bedroom he is the perfect boyfriend. I can't help but take this personally and I don't want to talk to him about it or he will just act into me again for a while. Any advice would help

Re: Sex problems

Posted: Sun May 31, 2020 3:57 pm
by Tucco
Hi there,
I think there could be many reasons for this and it is definitely something you need to get to the bottom of. What you are describing is a sudden change of attitude and behaviour and there is obviously something causing this. It is great that you asked him about it and got a response but you now need to challenge him further. If there is something he is not being open about he needs to tell you and it could be literally anything. Hopefully you can get to the bottom of things.
Good luck.

Re: Sex problems

Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2020 5:15 pm
by boulding
Hi Biddielouise

I think you need to be really understanding and supportive of your boyfriend. You say that apart from that he is the perfect boyfriend so clearly his feelings towards you have not changed and you should not take it personally. It does seem he is under stress of some sort at the moment so I think you should temporarily put sex on the back burner and take all pressure off him. Try to talk to him in a relaxed way and find out what's going on.

Re: Sex problems

Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2020 7:33 pm
by Smiler
Hi! Think I may be a little late, but just wanted to add don't take his lack of a sex drive personally. Men are perceived as having high sex drives when compared to women, but there are a whole host of things that could be why he isn't as willing as he once was. Is he stressed? Has something happened which is on his mind? Is he feeling unwell? It could be anything, but don't take it probably isnt you!

Hope things have sorted themselves out, always here for a chat!

K x