Can he change....?

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Can he change....?

Post by madbird » Sun Jul 03, 2005 2:33 pm

Please bare with me, this may be long and confusing, but i really need your help as i really don't know what to do for the best.

I had to finish with my boyfriend of ten months 2 months ago, we were engaged and lived together. I found out he had cheated on me (twice that i know of) and as well as that he stole money from my parents and from me, stole my credit card and used, vandalised my car and abused me as well as conning money out of me. He's also been in prison, which because of my line of work i nearly lost my job over.

I know what you're thinking what's the problem right? the problem is that i can't forget him or move on. I was in love with him big time and i just can't turn those feelings off, let alone look at anyone else. Other men have asked me out but i'm just not interested. I fight each day not to contact him, even though he keep ringing me, telling me how he's changed and how he still loves me. He has got a job now and seems to have changed. He says he wants to get engaged again and for us to have a baby and that since we've split up he's realised how much he loves me.

When i read all this i feel ashamed that i can't get over him, why would anyone put up with being treated like that, yet as i'm writing this i'm in tears. I suffer badly with depression, that i'm on medication and receiving counselling for, but none of this seems to help. I also think because i'm in my 30's my chances of having a family are running out and of meeting anyone else.

I manage to go to work, but can't face going out because i hate the way i look (i'm trying to lose weight) and have lost all contact with my friends because of the way i'm feeling and i fear the ones that do bother with me won't for long because of the way i am.

Everyone just tells me to forget him, if only it was that easy.

Has anyone out there got any good advice?

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